Secrets of Real Women with Gorgeous Hair

Lustrous locks are not just a matter of good DNA. Six readers share some simple hair-care habits that can score anyone an enviable mane. All you need do? Read and repeat

by Genevieve Monsma
Alison Cihra
Photograph: Ari Michelson

4. Find Pros You Click With
The women happiest with their hair seem to have long-standing relationships with their stylists or colorists. “I see my colorist, Steven Amendola [at the Serge Normant Salon in Manhattan], every five or six weeks, and I trust him completely,” says Marquardt. Davis has a similar relationship with Anthony Dickey, stylist and founder of the Hair Rules hair-care line. “He ‘gets’ my hair and has been cutting it for more than 20 years,” she says. Sterling has been a Farel client for years and credits him with creating chic short styles. “You can’t trust a short haircut to just anyone,” she says. “But Julien understands that women always want to look beautiful.”

5. Have Just One Vice
These women may have almost perfect hair, but they don’t always treat it perfectly. Marquardt confesses to wielding the flatiron a couple of times a week to tame the stubborn wave that crimps up near her crown. Joseph had some silver extensions added to her thinning hair, despite warnings that they can weaken your strands at the point of attachment. Her rationalization: The extensions make for easier day-to-day styling, so she uses the blow-dryer much less often. Sterling admits to picking up the dryer more often than most (four or five times a week) but usually just to restyle, not to dry her whole head. And Cihra says she gets to the salon for a haircut only twice a year, stretching the six-week rule to the max. The lesson? If you commit strand sins only once in a while—not daily—your hair is less likely to make you do penance. Need proof? Check out the photos of the great-looking women here.

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