Sexy, Healthy Hair in Your 60s

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What is Going On?

"If you are predisposed to hair loss, this is the age when it starts to show," says Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas, MD, PhD, a New York City dermatologist and scientist. By now, many women have gone entirely gray, which changes the shape of the cuticle and can make it feel stiffer. And if you’ve gone gray or, alternatively, chosen some shade of blond to hide it, you may find these paler hair hues wash out your complexion.

What You Can Do About Sparse Strands

Ask your doctor whether you’re a good candidate for prescription Rogaine, which has been proven to stop hair loss. There are also over-the-counter hair growth stimulators, such as Revitalash Hair Conditioner ($180;, which stimulate blood flow to the scalp and encourage hair to grow in stronger. But there are cosmetic optionsas well: "Double-process color [allover color plus highlights] can almost quadruple thickness and add texture," says Kevin Mancuso, a New York City stylist and the creative director for Nexxus Haircare. Also, if you’re layering on such products as volumizing sprays and gels, using a clarifying shampoo twice a month minimizes residue buildup. Try Pantene Pro-V Clarifying Shampoo ($4; drugstores).
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What You Can Do About Stiffness

Coarser hair does have its benefits; for one thing, it provides a natural lift. But to stay soft, it needs a little length-"enough to get it around a brush when you blow it out," says celeb stylist Ted Gibson. Styling it gently away from your face will be most flattering. One style Gibson says works perfectly with increasing stiffness: glamorous waves with a side part. Choosing products that give flexible hold is also key; two we like are Redken Aerate 08 Mousse ($16; for salons), a unique mousse-cream combo that adds body without weighing down the hair, and Neutrogena Triple Renewal Body-Boosting Foam ($7; drugstores), which reinforces weak strands and makes hair appear thicker-an effect that can last through several shampoos.
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What You Can Do About Unflattering Hair Color

A monochromatic look can be aging," says Jason Backe, a colorist at the Ted Gibson Salon in New York City. "If you look washed out, add deeper, richer tones: soft brown highlights for brunettes, golden tones for blondes." And whether you’re going lighter or letting your hair go all white, adjusting your makeup will make the look more flattering. "Lighter hair requires softer makeup," says Sonia Kashuk, founder of Sonia Kashuk Beauty. "Avoid dark lipsticks and black around the eyes. Go for a bright blush-shades of pink or coral-and nude, gray or purple on the eyes. Also, a navy eye pencil is fabulous with gray hair." "For more sexy, healthy hair advice, click here"


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Photo: Todd Huffman

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