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9 Beautiful Bridesmaid Hairstyles

A bridesmaid has a lot of responsibility. Looking lovely on your girlfriend's big day is one of the most important things you'll do—all those people, all those pictures!—so you don't want your wedding hairstyle to be a source of stress. We scoured the best hair blogs and perused our favorite Pinners to bring you the best bridesmaid hairstyles for getting your girl down the aisle. From sweet curls to chic knots, you'll be set for an event to remember.

Sweet Milkmaid Updo

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Two milkmaid braids, some teasing, and a few bobby pins are all that stand between you and this sweet updo. For extra softness, loosen a few tendrils around the face and add a flower behind the ear. Keiko Lynn shows you how to get this adorable springtime look here.

Fancy Bun

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Girls with medium-length hair, rejoice! This polished bun gives the illusion that you've got more length, but it won't have little pieces sticking out everywhere. Twist small sections of hair around a bun for an elegant updo that's perfect for a winter ceremony yet versatile enough for any occasion. Find all the steps on Your Stylist AJ.

Side-Swept Ribbon-Curled Updo

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This tutorial from A Practical Wedding gives two fabulous options for a side-swept look perfect for spring or summer events. The first? A ribbon-curled 'do, all pinned to the side. The second: the same as the first, except the curls are pinned to the side and up.

Two-Bun Updo

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One donut bun and a small flipped-ponytail-turned-bun are all it takes to make this difficult-looking but easily fashioned updo. As Kate from The Small Things Blog reminds us, it's so incredibly important to separate the hair into smaller sections when trying to create an updo—you'll save time and frustration! Find the easy 5-minute how-to video here.

Easy Ponytail Twist

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The bun just got a makeover—now it's a bundle. Start with a low pony and stuff the tail of the pony into the hair closest to your head; then pin, tuck in, and spray. Easier than it looks, and certainly easier than it sounds—we're all about this chic low bun(dle) from I'm Beetle Bailey.

Fishtail Bun

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Start with some texture in your hair—whether that's letting your natural hair shine through or curling it with a 1 1/2–inch or larger barrel. After creating a side fishtail braid, twist and pin it into this bun from Once Wed. Bonus points: After dancing the night away, you can always let this style down into the original fishtail braid.

Braided Wedding Hair for Beginners

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If you're still struggling to create an updo or you need a quick tutorial on braids and curls (or maybe you don't want your hair up at all!), check out this tutorial from A Practical Wedding for tips on standard braids and curls for super-easy bridesmaid hairstyles.

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