Why I'm NOT Embracing My Gray Hair

Forget au natural, I’m clinging to the bottle as long as possible.

I loved it. Like, couldn’t-stop-looking-at-myself loved it. It was like being reincarnated with Christie Brinkley’s head. The biggest problem was that it took my brain about three weeks to adjust. Seems that big squishy blob in our craniums doesn’t relearn things it sees every day, like our faces. It just automatically fills in the blanks. But do something radical like change your haircolor and your brain goes, “Huh? Who the hell are you?” Every time I passed a mirror I jumped because I thought some strange woman was staring at me.
Of course, going blonde didn’t stop the gray roots from appearing; it just hid them much better. But, God bless America, we now have Clairol Root Touch Up so we can perform a gray roots exorcism in just 10 minutes.
I have the greatest respect for every woman who chooses the natural route, I really do. It’s just not for me. And I stopped seeing my coloring as disguising my age. Rather, I look at it as managing my age, sort of the way limiting myself to one Entenmann’s Chocolate Chip cookie bar a week is a way of appeasing my sweet tooth while keeping my butt from becoming a ginormous inner tube. And, yes, being blonde is fun—especially if you’re a brunette on the inside. I get to be flakey, sassy, smart and obsessively organized all at once. Kind of the complete SITC entourage in one body!
And to all my gone-natural friends: honestly, I will give up the bottle some day. An intervention isn’t necessary. Just give me another decade or two.    

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marla miller07.26.2011

funny stuff here----stay a blond or go gray1 just keep ur attitude--it's a hoot!

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