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More’s beauty director on how she hides face fatigue

By Genevieve Monsma

I was in Japan last week and am still combating jet lag. And though I now feel okay during the day (thanks to a steady diet of Starbucks Green Tea Lattes), my face is still broadcasting my fatigue: puffy eyes, dark circles, blotchy skin. You get the picture — and it’s not pretty.

To look halfway decent, I first followed the “look awake!” regimen touted by most makeup artists. Load up on concealer, apply white eyeliner to the inner rim of my lower lashes, and dab highlighting cream on my eyes’ inner corners. Not bad. But, truthfully? Not that great either. I still looked tired — just with oddly sparkly, cakey-looking skin around my eyes.

So I went another route, one I’m dubbing “sleepless. . .yet sexy.” My eyes are already dark and puffy, so I just went with it. This morning, I applied gray shadow to my lid, black liner to my top lashline (which I then smudged lightly with a Q-tip), and three coats of black mascara. My new, smoky eyes would make Pat Benatar proud — and the makeup went a long way toward camouflaging the ravages of a week with little sleep, lots of salty soy sauce, and two 14-hour flights.

How about you? How do you disguise the fact that you’re REM-deprived?

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