Dare to Wear or Maybe Not?

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By Teri Shookla

            The latest eye shadow trends maybe called Dare to Wear but do you? With new eye colors for Fall called Going Bananas, Zingy, and Louder, Please you might be tempted. However, we all have had our moments when we are waiting in line at the store, and the woman next to you looks like she borrowed her outfit from her 16 year old in size and style. I still cringe when I see an older woman wearing thick black eyeliner.

            This does not mean that you shouldn’t dress or try to look your best, but there are better ways to accomplish this without taking such drastic measures. The focus should be on what looks best on you. There are certain makeup colors that can help you enhance your beauty. That is what makeup is really for to enhance the beauty already there, not to take away from it.

            First, there are several factors to consider, one is your eye color. Eye shadow is a wonderful way to enhance your natural eye color. Here is a handy chart.

Eye Color                               Shadow

Blue                                         rich warm browns, warm taupes, and soft peaches

Green                                      golden browns, warm taupes, deep purples, soft peaches,    

                                                soft violets 

Brown                                     Golden brown, blue, green, light mahogany, charcoal, purple

Grey                                        Charcoal, cool brown, and purple


            Notice there is no blue color for blue eyes or green shadows for green eyes. The key is to select a color that is opposite of your own eye color. Brown-eyed women have it best they can experiment with a variety of colors and still enhance their natural color. Skin tone is another thing to consider. Women with dark ebony skin should avoid colors that are too white or light. And women with fair skin should stay away from colors that are too dark. Natural colors look better than dramatic contrasting shades, especially during the daytime.

            And finally, do not match your eye makeup to your clothing. Choose what looks best on you. Apply makeup as if you’re wearing white, that way your real beauty can shine through.



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