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Makeup for Girls with Glasses

Attention, girls who wear glasses: We've got expert tips from makeup artist Bobbi Brown to help you look more gorgeous in your specs. And if you're ready to upgrade your frames, check out the best new classic, cool, and quirky styles, modeled by LHJ readers.

Bright-Eyed Beauty

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It's tempting to get lazy about eye makeup when you wear glasses, since you figure no one will notice it anyway. But the exact opposite is true. "You need to wear enough makeup to make your eyes stand out," says beauty guru Bobbi Brown, who's been wearing her signature black frames for years. (Look for her new optical collection in stores now.)

Bobbi Brown's Beauty Tips

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Use concealer to brighten the skin around your eyes, since glasses cast shadows. Look for a creamy, yellow-based formula one shade lighter than your foundation, says Brown. Blend under your eyes and on your inner sockets, then dust a sheer powder on top to set it. 
Liner is key because your eyes will look wimpy without some definition. Wax-based pencils tend to smear, warns Brown, so use a gel formula or a long-wear pencil along the top lashline and run a powder shadow along the bottom. 
Wear waterproof mascara, which will help define your eyes without smudging your lenses. Do your lashes brush up against the glass? Curl them before you put on mascara or use your finger to gently press them up after your mascara dries, says Brown. 
Fill in your brows so your glasses don't overpower your face. Use a stiff, angled brush to apply a powder shadow that matches your hair color. 
Don't forget about your skin. Apply foundation where you need the coverage and swirl a fresh blush shade on the apples of your cheeks.

For Bold Frames

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Go on, reach for a red lipstick! A strong lip balances statement-making specs, says Brown. Keep the rest of your makeup simple with concealer, mascara, and liner.

Frames: Bobbi Brown, $187

For Classic Frames

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Be bold with your eye makeup, but stick with a neutral lip color. Brown used smoky shadow plus black liner and mascara to make our model's eyes pop behind thin frames.

Frames: Bobbi Brown, $204

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