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Expert Tips for Creating a Sexy Halloween Vampire Look

In preparation for Halloween, we headed to Kryolan Professional Make-Up to learn how to transform ourselves into three popular Halloween characters: vampire, cat, and zombie. If you thought elaborate makeup required dozens of pricey products and aesthetician schooling, think again. Special effects specialist Jordan Plath showed us how to create this "sexy but dead" vampire look in just a few steps by demonstrating on Editorial Assistant Katie Koschalk. The best part? Most of the products are ones you probably already have at home, and the rest are things you can grab at the drugstore. Here's your step-by-step guide for giving any "Twilight" or "True Blood" character a run for its money.

Halloween Make Up

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To make sure every product glides on smoothly, Jordan recommends using a makeup primer on fresh, clean skin. “The primer helps with the application of the makeup,” he says. “It fills in pores and fine lines and reduces any dry skin.”

Halloween Make Up

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Start by using a cosmetic sponge to apply a creamy foundation that’s a few shades lighter than your skin tone. (We used Kryolan TV Paint Stick.) Blend it onto the face, down onto the neckline, into the ears, and into the hairline. Resist the urge to go for a pure white base, Jordan says. “White is kind of a corny color, and it looks ashy and washy. Three shades lighter is plenty dramatic.” Set the foundation with a translucent setting powder.

Halloween Make Up

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“To create a vampire look, you need to make the person look gaunt,” Jordan says. Establish shadows and a sunken-in look by using a purplish, reddish, or brownish shadow to emphasize the natural cavities on your face: at the temples, the ridge of the forehead, under cheekbones, and at the sides and bridge of the nose. “Work with your bone structure,” Jordan says. “Feel the depressions with your fingers.”

Halloween Make Up

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Use the same color on the eyelids and in the deepest corners of the eyes.

Halloween Make Up

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Press a slightly darker shadow into the crease of your eyelids to increase depth. You can also add a little to the other shadows on your face to make them look deeper. Don’t put on all the color right away; start lightly and build up.

Halloween Make Up

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With a bright red or orange shadow, lightly line the lower eyelid.

Halloween Make Up

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Next, use a thick pencil liner (or a wet liner brush with powder liner) to line the upper eyes. We used Kryolan Cake Eye Liner in black.

Halloween Make Up

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Use brown shadow or a brow pencil to fill in brows, making them look more severe. Jordan recommends exaggerating the arch.

Halloween Make Up

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Use a black eye pencil to thickly line the lips; then apply a deep, blood-red lipstick and blend.

Halloween Make Up

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To go from scary-vampire to sexy-vampire, dust some purple-tinged glitter onto the cheekbones, forehead, and chin (anywhere you’d apply a highlighter), and finish off with some faux fangs, of course.

Halloween Make Up

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Finish with a setting spray if you want to give the look extra staying power. You can use common drugstore cosmetics to complete this look, but for more info on the professional products we used, visit

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