How to Cover Veins and Spots on Legs

Learn how to use self-tanner and makeup to make legs look flawless.

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Lesson One: Covering Spider and Varicose Veins

Before: Bluish veins cover the leg.

Step 1: Apply Base Coat

Blend a base coat of sheer bronze leg makeup over the entire leg, from thigh to foot.

A bronze leg makeup to try: Perfekt Matte Body Perfection Gel in Tan, $48,

Step 2: Add Concealer

Using a thin, flat brush, trace each vein with a waterproof concealer.

Kryolan Dermacolor waterproof concealer comes in four shades, $29,

For a faster fix, try a skin-tone camouflage pencil, such as Judith August The Everything Pencil ($16, Use a makeup sponge to dab edges and seamlessly blend the concealer into the skin.


The flawless finished product: no visible veins.

Lesson Two: Camouflaging Sun Damage and Brown Spots

Before: Speckled skin can age the look of legs.

Step 1: Brush It On

Brush on water-resistant makeup. Concentrate coverage on the front of the leg — and keep it light, sheer,and satiny, not opaque.

A water-resistant makeup to try: M.A.C Face and Body Makeup, $35,

Step 2: Blend It In

Use your hands to blend. Linter suggests "a massage motion. Work in long, light strokes from thigh to toes, then go back and forth and around so the color looks seamless." Let the makeup dry for five minutes.


Skin tone appears evener.

Shopping List: Best Products for Legs

For a tawny-leg look: DuWop Revolotion SPF 15 Bronzing Body Moisturizer. Its vitamin E and aloe vera will condition flaky alligator shins, $28,

To nab nooks and crannies: A supersoft latex-free sponge, the Beautyblender, works better than wedges, $20,

For a red-carpet finish on bare-leg nights: Victoria’s Secret Sexy Little Things Ooh La La Sparkling Body Powder ($30).

For a quick fix, swipe on this sexy gleamer: Tarte Glam Gams Bronzing Leg Stick, $30,

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I can not imagine when putting makeup on my legs in a 2 or 3 step process would be needed. If I'm swimming, it would have to be reapplied. Otherwise, hose, slacks, or a long skirt would be a good option as it is less expensive,less messy, and less time consuming.

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