Insider Secrets: No way! Ingenious new ways to use self-tanner

Tanning guru Anna Stankiewicz reveals how self tanner can hide body blemishes

Anna Stankiewicz
Photograph: Courtesy of Paul Wilmot Communications

To minimize age spots, use self-tanner everywhere but on them, says Stankiewicz, .  Her trick: Before slathering on your self-tanner, use a cotton swab to apply a heavy body cream or petroleum jelly to just the dark spots. “The moisturizer creates a barrier between the sunspot and tanning formula so the skin there won’t absorb as much DHA, self-tanner’s active ingredient. As a result, the skin around the spot darkens, but the spot doesn’t—and your skin tone looks more even,” says Stankiewicz. 

Spider veins
To help camouflage spider veins on your legs, apply self-tanner generously hip-to-toe. Try two sheer coats rather than one—or go a shade darker than you do on the rest of your body. Self-tanner will act like concealer, effectively canceling out the red or blue of the veins. If you need a little extra coverage, you can top off your self-tanner with a body bronzing lotion that contains light-diffusing properties such as DuWop’s Revolotion Body ($28;

Dry, flaky skin

If your skin is parched (and whose isn’t these days?) it can look dull and scaly. Self-tanner can mask all that—assuming you exfoliate before applying. Use a scrub—or just a washcloth and soap—to remove the dead skin cells clinging to your body. Then apply a moisturizing self-tanner formula. Stankiewicz likes the daily moisturizers with a small concentration of DHA, such as St Tropez Everyday Gradual Tan ($30;, which allow your tan to develop over the course of a few days while simultaneously pumping the skin full of much-needed hydration. The result? Skin that looks even, glowing, and moist.

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Cathy Harvey03.24.2012

Impossible to get the body cream just on the age spots. I've given up on self tanners. Can't anyone create one that doesn't darken age spots and freckles?

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