A Makeup Addict and a Minimalist Trade Makeup Routines

Do you live for lipstick? Or do you hate the bother of makeup? We took two women with opposite approaches to beauty (and life) and made them switch regimens. What they learned may help you, too

by Jacqui Stafford and Jennifer Laing
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Fast-forward to Friday. I had a blowout at 8:45 am and appointments with Jacqui’s doctors Fredric Brandt, MD, and his associate Robert Anolik, MD, at 10:30 am. Alas, I woke with a sniffle. But here’s the amazing thing: After applying my makeup, I looked so refreshed, no one guessed I was under the weather. Coupled with another bouncy blowout from Nurten, my beauty camouflage started to fool even me.

At the dermatologists’ office, I was put through the Jacqui Maintenance Plan: Botox and a Clear + Brilliant Perméa laser treatment that targeted uneven texture, tone and pore size. I was not a dermatology virgin; I go for a yearly mole check, and I’ve had some Botox. But my appointments have been erratic (often based on time and cash flow) and spaced too far apart to keep up the effects. However, seeing the drastic improvement produced by this duo (I looked five years younger) made me think dermatologist visits were worth prioritizing.

The one area where I cheated: my nails. Jacqui said she did her own once a week. But I am a disaster with a polish brush. Plus, I was coming around to all this pampering. I asked myself, WWJD (What would Jacqui do?), then dashed across the street to my neighborhood salon for a manicure (with Essie Master Plan, a soft gray) and a pedicure (with Essie Capri, a creamy orange).

There was no denying it: By the end of our swap, I’d never looked better. But I also didn’t recognize myself.

A few weeks after our switch, little of my makeover remained. I’d dialed back the cosmetics to my previous level, except I was now swiping on some actual lip color. I couldn’t keep up with the blowouts, but I did schedule follow-up appointments with the dermatologists. For the rest, I’m back to my casual approach. My husband and sons seem to prefer a less-is-more look; the week of the swap, I got only air-kisses. Plus, I’ve decided wearing lots of makeup makes me feel as if I’m hiding something. While I appreciate how pulled together swingy hair or perfect eye makeup makes me look, I feel more like myself without them.

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First published in the June 2013 issue

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