Makeup Tips for Eyeglass Wearers

Seven ways to make your frames work for you.

by Genevieve Monsma
Photograph: Erik Reis

> Line your eyes Glasses blur the shape of your eyes. To restore lost definition, rim them in black or brown, suggests Bobbi Brown, CEO of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.

> Slather on eye cream “Lots of lenses magnify the skin around the eyes, so crepiness becomes more obvious. Keeping the area well hydrated will improve the skin texture,” says Paula Dorf, a makeup artist in New York City.

> Groom your brows “Eyeglasses draw extra attention to your brows, so make sure they are well shaped and combed upward,” Brown says.

> Match your makeup to the style of your specs If your glasses are rimless: “These are more subtle on the face, but they actually make the eyes seem to disappear, partly because there’s no frame to accentuate them,” notes Brown. Make your eyes stand out by applying a smoky shadow in a soft gray or brown.

If your glasses are square: Apply bright gloss to your lips to soften the masculine vibe of the frames. And for a pretty look to go with cat-eye glasses, line the top lashes, then subtly smudge up the outer corner, mimicking the frame design.

> Pull out your eyelash curler “If your lashes are on the long side and straight, they’ll brush against your lenses as you blink, leaving behind mascara track marks,” says Dorf. For best results, run your curler underhot water before crimping; the heat helps coax the bend into superstraight fringe. Also consider using a water-resistant mascara to minimize the potential for rub-off.

> Resist the urge to be matchy-matchy “If you wear red frames, don’t also wear ruby lip color. Thesame goes for green or blue glasses and coordinating eyeshadow,” says Dorf. The safest bet for every frame shade? Neutral makeup—brown, gray, black and olive.

> Use a magnifying mirror Since you can’t wear your glasses while you make up your eyes, invest in a mirror that enlarges images at least 10 times (such as the Zadro 10X Spot Mirror with Suction Cups, $8,; or the Danielle Large Column Vanity Mirror 10X Mag­nification, $50, at drugstores). 

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