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8 No-Sweat Beauty Tips for Summer Heat

Our no-sweat strategies for warm-weather beauty, makeup, and hair will keep you looking gorgeous no matter how hot and humid it gets this summer.

Tackle Shine

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Replace your rich cleanser and face cream with a foaming gel and an oil-free daily lotion that has a minimum SPF 15. Carry a compact for midday touch-ups but don't cover your entire face with powder, says Sandy Linter, Lancome makeup artist. "Let your cheeks glow and just freshen the center of your face."

Lighten Up

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"Skip thick foundations and save your cream lipsticks for fall," says Los Angeles makeup artist Napoleon Perdis. Makeup with a lighter texture—tinted moisturizer, cheek stain, bronzing gel, and lip gloss—will wear better in the heat and keep you looking fresh. And prep with primer: trust us, it's worth the extra step. Primer fills in fine lines, helps makeup go on more smoothly and, best of all, keeps it in place. Apply a thin layer to your skin, lids, even lips, so your tinted moisturizer, eyeshadow, and lip color don't move.

Glow Girl

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A shimmery bronzer instantly adds a sexy, healthy sheen to skin—but don't stop at your face, says New York City makeup artist Ildiko. At our photo shoot she used a big fluffy body brush to blend powder highlighter (try Laura Geller Baked Body Frosting, $40) along the model's collarbone, decolletage, shoulders, and legs.

Summer Hair Repair: Limp Locks

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Pump volume into straight or fine hair by adding a weekly clarifying shampoo and skipping conditioner (or applying it only to your ends). Also, take a break from the blow-dryer to let your hair air-dry. "Many people with fine, straight hair actually have a slight wave that adds body," says Hallie Bowman, Pantene celebrity stylist.

Summer Hair Repair: Curls Gone Wild

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Thirsty strands absorb water from the air, so keep your hair hydrated. "Avoid overcleansing," says Harry Josh, John Frieda creative consultant. "Shampooing just once a week is enough." (On other days, condition only.) Always apply your frizz-controlling products while hair is still damp.

Summer Hair Repair: Deep-Fried

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Damage to the hair's cuticle from straightening your strands with a dryer or flatiron will leave you with a halo of fuzz. The fix? Boost moisture with a leave-in conditioner daily plus a deep-treatment mask once a week. Then, before you break out the hot tools, apply anti-frizz serum to protect the cuticle against both heat damage and outdoor humidity.

Summer Scents

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Swap your regular perfume for a fresh body splash and spritz away. Try Bath and Body Works Fragrant Waters in White Citrus, $14. Also, with sweat glands working overtime, your regular antiperspirant may not be enough. Upgrade to one of the newer clinical-strength formulas, which have higher levelsof aluminum salts for extra protection. We like Dove Clinical Protection, $8; Secret Clinical Strength Waterproof, $10; and Ban Clinical Roll-On, $7.

Originally published in Ladies' Home Journal, August 2009.

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