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Lipsticks that plump but never bleed! Polishes that don't chip! Glow-getters that would make Jennifer Lopez's skin jealous! Move all these and more from your wish list to your shopping list, because they're on store shelves right now

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Multitasking Makeup Brush

Problem: A pile of makeup brushes, all needing to be cleaned.

Solution: Save space and time with Becca’s The One Perfecting Brush ($49;, which can be used to apply blush or bronzer, stipple on foundation or blend highlighter. The goat-hair bristles are anti-microbial—and they’re adept at depositing product, so they stay surprisingly clean, enabling you to move from task to task without washing in between.

Adrian Gaut

Blush That Won't Budge

Problem: Cream blushes look soft and dewy, but they disappear after an hour or two.

Solution: Like Maestro Fusion Foundation, the brand’s breakthrough face makeup, Giorgio Armani Maestro Liquid Fusion Blush ($52; delivers pigment-packed color suspended in timed-release oils that evaporate over the course of the day to ensure a long-lasting, natural-looking flush. And a little goes a long way: one drop of color per cheek will perk up your complexion.

Adrian Gaut

Fatten Anemic Brows and Lashes

Problem: Your lashes and brows have pulled a disappearing act.


Solution: Replace your current mascara or brow product with one that contains a growth-promoting ingredient. Talika Lipocils & Black ($45; boasts thickening mascara at one end and a peptide-packed serum that stimulates lash growth at the other. Ramy Eye Grow Brows, shown here ($25;, is partbrow gel, part conditioning treatment, and it works by helping to strengthen follicles and minimize hair fallout.

Adrian Gaut

Long-Lasting Lacquer (You Will Love)

Problem: You want the endurance of a UV-baked gel mani without the tedious removal and nail damage.


Solution: A new crop of polishes promise up to 10 days of chip-free wear (versus three to five days for traditional lacquer and up to three weeks for gel) sans any removal aggravation. How do they work? A super-sticky polymer in Dior Vernis Gel Shine & Long Wear Nail Lacquer ($25;, above, fuses polish to nails for 15 percent longer wear than regular polish, while CND Vinylux Color Coat line ($10; for salons) contains molecules that bond with the keratin in your nails.

Adrian Gaut

Makeup for Minimalists

Problem: Foundation is too fussy for weekends, but going au naturel isn’t an option either.


Solution: For a flaw-hiding finish that’s lighter than foundation, try a tinted primer, which evens tone, minimizes pores and adds a hint of radiance. Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Radiance Bronze, above left ($33;, is best for medium to dark skin, while Chanel Le Blanc Light Revealing Brightening Makeup Base SPF 30, bottom left ($55;, suits fair complexions. 

Adrian Gaut

Always Sharp Eyeliner

Problem: Your soft-tip eyeliner has blunted and can’t be sharpened.

Solution: All eyeliner pencils eventually need reshaping, but most of the creamy twist-up types don’t fit into traditional sharpeners. That’s not a problem for bareMinerals Lasting Line Long-Wearing Eyeliner ($16;; thanks to its built-in sharpener, your line can always be precise. Get to the point with the customized sharpener.

Adrian Gaut

Eye Primer, Personalized

Problem: Your eyelid skin is crepey and discolored.

Solution: Eyelid primer now does more than extend shadow wear. Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Eye Base ($26; smooths all skin colors, brightens—and hides veins, redness or uneven tone. Available in four shades.

Adrian Gaut

Beauty-Sleep Booster

Problem: You can’t bear to go barefaced in front of your bedmate.

Solution: Ramy Sleep in Beauty serum ($48; pairs reparative ingredients, such as collagen-boosting peptides and salicylic acid, with a slight tint that conceals flaws. And, no, it won’t rub off on your pillow.

Adrian Gaut

Instant Pore Eraser

Problem: Finishing powder leaves you looking flawless—until it sinks into lines and pores.

Solution: Instead of using powder, get that smooth look with a finishing gel, such as Mally Evercolor Poreless Face Defender ($40; By creating a light, translucent veil composed of very fine silicone, the velvety formula sets makeup, prevents shine and never slips into wrinkles or pores.

Adrian Gaut

Yes To Plumping, No To Bleeding

Problem: Lip color that strays into spokes around the mouth.

Solution: Estée Lauder’s Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick ($30; resists feathering, thanks to emollient ingredients that penetrate the skin and set the color. Bonus: The formula also plumps lips, via encapsulated hyaluronic acid.

Adrian Gaut

Put Brow Color in its Place

Problem: Powder or colored pencil won’t stay put on your brows.

Solution: Sweat, oil or even a particularly moist face cream can cause your brow makeup to smudge, smear—or simply fade away. To the rescue is Make Up For Ever Brow Seal ($18; After filling in your arches, comb the sealant through to lock the color in place until you’re readyto remove it. 

Adrian Gaut

Give Your Lip Color Longevity

Problem: Long-wear lip color is convenient, but most formulas leave skin feeling parched.

Solution: Before applying lipstick, fill in bare lips with Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil ($20; in a color that complements your favorite shade. This will prolong your lipstick’s life span without sacrificing comfort.

Adrian Gaut

Mascara Refresher

Problem: Attempts at refreshing your mascara cause your lashes to flake.

Solution: Rehab eyelashes in a blink with Ramy Triumph! Mascara Revitalizer ($19; The aloe vera–based formula re-wets and redistributes dried mascara to break up clumps and prime lashes for a fresh coat. This clear conditioning formula also works well as a brow groomer—or as a glossy top coat for naturally dark or tinted lashes.

Adrian Gaut

Improve Uneven Tone—Instantly

Problem: Your skin tone is just too red, too dull or too $#@! blotchy.

Solution: Clinique’s lineup of five tinted Superprimer Face Primers ($27; is color-coded to camouflage an array of facial flaws. At left, top to bottom: Bronze boosts radiance in dull, dark skin; peach smooths uneven tone; lavender cancels out sallow skin; pink brightens pale complexions; and yellow neutralizes ruddiness.

Adrian Gaut

Must-Have for Mani Mishaps

Problem: You’ve nicked a nail but don’t want to ruin the rest of your mani trying to fix it.

Solution: Your husband’s off the hook: the Cutex Cotton Ball Holder ($3 for two; lets you work autonomously, tending to a chipped nail without marring the rest of your tips with remover.

Adrian Gaut

Cream Shadow for Eyes Ages 40+

Problem: You like the dewy finish of cream shadow but not the inevitable creases.

Solution: All creams are not created equal. The oil-absorbing ingredients in Neutrogena Crease Proof Eye Shadow ($8; drugstores) give it primer-like properties that extend wear and really do keep color smooth for hours.

Glitter Removal Made Easy

Problem: There is nothing glam about scraping off glittery polish.

Solution: OPI’s Glitter Off base coat ($9; takes the grunt work out of glitter removal by providing a protective layer between nails and polish that simply—and safely—peels off. No acetone or elbow grease required.

Adrian Gaut

Mistake-Proof Primping

Problem: You need makeup that can be easily reapplied on the go.

Solution: Sonia Kashuk Dewy Lip and Cheek Balm ($10; target.comis lighter and sheerer than any stain or cream, so you can even swipe it on without a mirror. 

Adrian Gaut

Smudge-Free Eye Makeup

Problem: Your mascara slips and slides away.

Solution: Water and oil in the form of tears, creamy eyeshadows or emollient eye creams cause mascara to run for its life. (Hello, raccoon eyes.) So protect your lash color with bareMinerals Locked & Coated Waterproof Lash Topcoat ($12; Sweeping it over your mascara is like slipping on Hunter rain boots: instant waterproofing! Swipe this waterproof top coat over your favorite mascara. Test it by watching any Downton Abbey season finale.

Adrian Gaut

Painless Lip Plumper

Problem: Plumping glosses sting and feel dry.

Solution: Formulas with cinnamon or capsaicin (from chile peppers) swell lips by irritating the skin. But Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Plumping Gloss ($16; fattens with spongelike microspheres that pull moisture from the air and expand to 10 times their normal size.


Adrian Gaut

DIY Bronze Booster

Problem: You want to look sun kissed but are wary of orangey self-tanners.

Solution: Add three drops of Clarins’s DHA-spiked Golden Glow Booster ($30; to your favorite daytime moisturizer, sunscreen or night cream and watch as subtle color (think light tan, not Boca bronze) develops over four to five days. Then, to maintain, use the drops two or three times a week thereafter.


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First published in the April 2014 issue

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