Pro Picks: The Disco Diva

You know every word to "I Will Survive" but did you also know that legendary disco songstress Gloria Gaynor is also a trained esthetician? After years of being unsatisfied with skincare offerings for women of color, she has helped to create Specific Beauty, a line of products for women with deeper-toned skin. Here, she reveals personal must-haves.

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Gloria Gaynor

"As an entertainer and ex-cosmetologist, I've always been concerned with keeping my skin looking good. My biggest concern was finding a product line that addressed the specific concerns of melanin-rich skin. So I decided to join forces with Somabella Labs to create Specific Beauty, a line of skincare products for darker skin tones."

Specific Beauty

Specific Beauty Gentle Cleanser

"This gently cleanses my skin of hard-to-remove stage makeup and leaves my complexion feeling soft and moist rather than tight and dry. It's also fragrance-free and made from natural ingredients."


$9; Click to purchase

Specific Beauty

Specific Beauty Exfoliating Cleansing Cloths

"Unlike most cleansing cloths, these don't contain alcohol which can have a drying effect on the skin. I keep them on hand for whenever I need to remove makeup or other impurities my skin has attracted during the day."


$7; Click to purchase

Specific Beauty

MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF15

"I've used MAC cosmetics for many years. The foundations don't have the red undertones that are often found in foundations for women of color. I love that the formula isn't oily and makes my skin look flawless."


$27; Click to purchase


Specific Beauty Daily Hydrating Lotion SPF30

"May people think because dark skin is often oily and smooth that it doesn't need moisturizing. Not true! I love this hydrating lotion because it also contains Vitamin E to hinder free radicals with licorice and emblicia, a fruit extract to even skin tone."


$18; Click to purchase

Specific Beauty

Bonfi Natural Organic Wig Spray

"I do a lot of traveling around the world. Sometimes, I suddenly find myself in a climate humid enough to make my hair look like the Bride of Frankenstein's. That's when I decide to don a wig. This product helps to keep my wigs looking soft and frizz-free (never oily and stiff.)"


$7; Click to purchase

Specific Beauty Night Treatment Complex

"This is the last step of my evening skincare routine. It hydrates, brightens and improves the texture of my skin."


$19; Click to purchase

Specific Beauty

New Beef King Beef Jerky

"I am a carb queen but as an entertainer, I need to watch my weight. This snack offers me a hint of sweetness that satisfies my carb desires without the excess calories and added cravings. It's tender, flavorful and a guilt-free treat."

Swisa Dead Sea Salt Mineral Treatment

"I don't often pamper myself but when I do, I reach for my sea salt. It's infused with pineapple, mango and grape seed oil. The salt removes the dead skin from my hands and feet, leaving them soft and smooth."


$40; Click to purchase


The Holy Bible

"I can't do without my bible. It starts and ends my day. It's my communication with my creator and what fills me with the strength for the battles of my day and the peace for a good night's sleep."

Andrea Eye Q's Makeup Corrector Swabs

"I can't live without these makeup-remover pads. I like to know that every last trace of my makeup has been removed. These do the trick."


$5; Click to purchase

I-Pod Touch

"My I-Pod Touch keeps me from getting lost, helps me to stay in touch with friends, keeps me on time and informed. The games entertain me while waiting at doctor's offices, beauty shops and on flights. I won't go anywhere without it."


$229; Click to purchase



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First Published April 15, 2011

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