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Five must-haves for the season (all have been tried and tested by MORE editors)
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Clarins Sun Eye Contour Care Ultra Protection SPF 30

($28, I usually rely on sunglasses to shield my eyes from the sun because the skin on my lids is so sensitive. But I slathered this cream all over my eyes and had no issues-no stinging or itching. I don’t wear much eye makeup or concealer, but this cream seemed light enough that it wouldn’t compromise anything you put on top of it. -Dawn Raffel, MORE Editor-at-Large
Photo courtesy of Clarins

Fekkai Marine Summer Hair Beach Waves

($23; A cross between a light spray gel and a leave-in conditioner, this product works well coaxing sexy texture out of straight to slightly wavy hair. For those of you with very wavy or curly hair, I recommend first applying a styling cream or mousse (cream’s good for thick, dry strands; mousse is better if your hair is quite fine), then topping it with this spray to help control frizz and accentuate your wave. I also found it to be a good wave "refresher" during the day. I just spritzed it on dry hair and lightly scrunched. -Genevieve Monsma, More Beauty Director

Boscia Oil-Free Daily Hydration SPF 15

($27, "": I didn’t realize my everyday moisturizer was making my oily skin oilier until I tried Boscia’s hydrating formula. Big difference. The ultra-light lotion is ideal for humid, sweaty days—like wearing nothing, but better, since it works as a clean base for makeup and has mattifiers to help control oil throughout the day (plus SPF, so I don’t need extra sunscreen for my morning walk to work). By mid-afternoon, my T-zone was amazingly shine-free. Another bonus: it’s made with botanical ingredients and zero preservatives, so I don’t feel like I’m coating my skin with unnecessary chemicals. Starting now, I’m sending my old moisturizer on summer vacation. -Wendy Rodewald, Editor
Photo courtesy of Boscia

Dr. Denese SPF 30 Defense Day Cream

($33; Layering works well in fashion. But when it comes to skincare (particularly in the summer), it can be a recipe for icky-sticky skin. So I concocted my own light cocktail of SPF lotion mixed with moisturizer and a tiny dab of foundation. It did the trick and it didn’t leave me greasy. But I noticed this homemade formula had a tendency to pill halfway through the day-a look I decided was no better than a shiny complexion. So I gave Dr. Denese hybrid sunscreen/makeup formulation a go. Like the mix I’d made, it gave me sheer coverage and left a matte finish (very unusual in a sunscreen). Even better, the formula was hydrating enough to warrant skipping moisturizer and my skin looked smooth and even all day long. -Nikki Ostasiewski, Assistant Beauty Editor
Photo courtesy of Dr. Denese

St. Tropez Self-Tan Bronzing Lotion

($30; Genevieve (MORE’s beauty director) told me to use rubber gloves to apply this lotion and boy am I glad I did. The mess would have driven me crazy. I also applied it in the shower stall, in case I splattered. I loved the stuff. It went on so well, very smooth and spread easily. It’s tinted, so I could see what I was doing which really helped. At first the color looked a bit gray, but once it was on, it was a perfectly tan color. It dried quickly (and I did it on a humid night). What I loved most is that I didn’t feel like I had a lot of product on-it has a thin, almost watery consistency-and the odor was mild enough that it didn’t smell heavy. I did my face too, and had no bad reaction (don’t really have sensitive skin, but still). Best of all? I went to bed and woke up TAN. Totally amazing color that I think looks real. And unlike so many other tanners I’ve tried, I wasn’t in a hurry to wash it off. The only downside: It got all over my pillow case so next time I’ll cover it with a dark towel. -Susan Swimmer, Contributing Fashion Features Editor
Photo courtesy of St. Tropez

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