Remembering Mom

She taught her to stand up tall with eyes forward because it's what's coming that needs your attention, and she delivered her mother's eulogy with pride.

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Photograph: iStock

The house is silent. All I hear is the wind beating against the windows. Suddenly the phone rings. With a sense of dread, I pick up the phone to hear my dad tell me that Mom has passed. How weird. I assumed that when the news came, I'd be hysterical, crying very emotional. It wasn't like that. I was very calm, very thankful that she was at peace. I had watched for what seemed like a lifetime as a beautiful, vibrant active lady became a tired lady racked with pain. Cancer sucks. It steals so much. I delivered the eulogy with respect to my mother, with pride for being her daughter, and with honor for having her as a very important part of my world. She taught me to stand up tall with eyes forward. You know what's behind you. There's no reason to keep revisiting it. It's what's coming that needs your attention. If you can look at yourself in the mirror and put your lipstick on straight, your good with God. And God didn't make imperfections. Give out of love — not out of guilt. I'm still learning, Mom. Thank you

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