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11 Brush Stroke Nails That Will Fool People Into Thinking You're An Artist

Even if you normally struggle to perfect the latest nail trends, brush stroke nails are so easy they will instantly become your new faves. The idea is to mimic paintbrush strokes on your fingernail, and the result is a funky yet chic look that will make everyone think you're a pro.

Colorful Chaos

1 / 11

@natmcmullin | Instagram

These brush stroke nails by @natmcmullin are giving us all of the spring-like vibes that we could ever want! Grab the colors of your choice, and get to swiping.

Glitter And Stripes

2 / 11

We're digging these brush stroke nails from @mynailgraffiti. Swiping colors on just the top half of the nails and adding some glitter makes it a fun look for any occasion.

Muted Neutrals

3 / 11

Tone down the trend by using muted neutrals to create a sophisticated and classy mani with a twist. Check out these ones by @kaitlinmeagan!

Tie-Dyed Tips

4 / 11

This manicure from @missbeautyisart hands-down proves that tie-dye will never truly leave us. A white base with bright colors will definitely help your digits stand out.

Black Strokes

5 / 11

Brush stroke nails don't always have to be bright. Go bold in a darker way by incorporating some deeper shades, like black or navy. These nails from @electricsheep_ are a prime example.

Pretty N' Pink

7 / 11

Go glam or go home with these nails by @claireknails. The hot pink nails give off a retro vibe that we can't get enough of!


8 / 11

@lomeanails | Instagram

Don't be afraid to overlap your lines like this mani by @lomeanails does. The white base and distressed coloring feels like a party for your fingernails!

Solidify The Swipes

9 / 11

No need to always separate your strokes in this trend. Fade a solid top half of the nail into a simple, clear bottom like this manicure from @orlynailgirls.

Drip Drop

10 / 11

@terri.m_6 | Instagram

Using a couple of vibrant colors swiped on top of a neutral base from the bottom to the top half of the nail can create a seriously cool drip effect like these nails from @terri.m_6.

Graphic Nails

11 / 11

Graphic tees are still in, so why not put it on our nails, too? Pairing a brush stroke nail in the middle of a hand of graphics, like this manicure from @sweetandsavvynails, creates a funky vibe that will be a total hit!

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