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16 Book-Inspired Nail Art Designs

Few things spur the imagination more than a good book, so if your nail art designs have been feeling a little dull lately, what better way to breathe new life into them than by channeling your favorite fictional characters? Transform your favorite page-turners into head-turners with these 16 literature-inspired nail art designs from around the Web.

Cat's Cradle

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The print on Infinity Nail Art's Kurt Vonnegut–inspired mani is "busy, busy, busy," but you don't have to be a practicing Bokononist to appreciate how simple it is to re-create this look. Two shades of blue, a black polish, and some striping tape are all you need to achieve this nail art!

Lord of the Rings

3 / 16

This J.R.R. Tolkien–inspired nail art design from The Nailasaurus is a stylish way to show off your Hobbit love. You can re-create this look with a gold base coat, black acrylic paint, and a nail art brush. Find close-up images of the One Ring and freehand-draw the designs, my precious.


4 / 16

What better way to celebrate books than with a character who embodies literary love? This Matilda manicure from Smashley Sparkles will require a steady hand and a lot of patience, but maybe if you concentrate hard enough, you can use your mind to move the nail brushes.

Hunger Games

5 / 16

Kayla Shevonne's Hunger Games nails are designed to look like the cover of the book that made Katniss a household name. You can re-create the look using striping tape and nail art tools to section off designs and freehand-draw others. May the odds be ever in your favor!

A Clockwork Orange

6 / 16

Such bright nails for such a dark book. If you're going to take any inspiration away from Anthony Burgess's dystopian novel, it should definitely be this mani from Drama Queen Nails. It's perfect for a night of heavy milk drinking.

The Catcher in the Rye

8 / 16

Dressed Up Nails' manicure mimicking the cover of the J.D. Salinger classic is so well done that we think even a brooding Holden Caulfield could find something to like about it.

Alice in Wonderland

11 / 16

The time it takes to copy this detailed nail design from One Nail to Rule Them All may make you late to a very important date, but it will be totally worth it—each nail symbolizes a different plot point from the much-adored Lewis Carroll story. An arsenal of polish colors and a nail art tool kit will help you on this nail art adventure.

Invisible Monsters

15 / 16

This splattered French manicure from Chalkboard Nails is a fitting rendition of the Chuck Palahniuk book, Invisible Monsters. Inspired by the book cover, this black-and-pink nail art is as edgy and attention-catching as the plot twists in Palahniuk's celebrated cult novel.

Harry Potter

16 / 16

You don't have to take a Divination class to nail this magical Harry Potter mani. All you need to copy the look from Adventures in Acetone are some Hogwarts-colored polishes, a nail brush, and a love for all things J.K. Rowling. Feel free to switch up the mani by only rocking the House colors you'd most like to represent (Gryffindor) or leaving out anything that offends you (Slytherin).

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