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Fantastic Floral Fox...

Fantastic Floral Fox Nail Design

Try this easy nail art tutorial featuring everyone's favorite woodland creature hiding amid a field of floral fingertips. What does the fox say? Super cute!

Floral Fox Nail Art Design

I originally saw this floral fox nail art tutorial here on Hey Nice Nails, and I just couldn't resist re-creating such a sweet nail design. I thought the designs would be complicated, but they're actually so easy that a beginner could create these at home. Follow these steps to get the look.

Floral Fox Nail Art Design

1. Paint your nails with a light pink or nude base color. I used Liz Earle's Grace.

2. Using red polish and a nail art striping brush, paint two curved lines on your nail. I used Barry M's Copa Cobana.

Floral Fox Nail Art Design

3. Paint a curved line slightly below your cuticle, join it with your other lines, and fill in with red polish. Let dry.

4. Using a small nail art brush and red polish, paint the ears. Use a dotting tool and black to add two eyes and a nose.

Floral Fox Nail Art Design

5. Paint flowers using lilac, red and light pink on the tips of your other four nails. Draw a light pink flower on one of the fox's ears.

6. Using a thin nail art brush, paint leaves. Fill in the center of the flowers using gold. I used Barry M's Gold Foil. Let dry, and apply a top coat to protect your design.

For more nail art from Alice, go to One Nail to Rule Them All.

Alice Sanderson

Hi! I'm Alice, I'm 19 years old and I'm in my second year studying history at the University of Sheffield, in the UK. I've been doing nail art for about three years, having started in order to stop myself from biting my nails. I used to think of nails as a backup to my degree, but now I’m not so sure!

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