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French Manicure Nail Designs: Beyond Boring White Tips

The French manicure is a timeless, tried-and-true style perfect for nearly any occasion, but let's face it: What white tips offer in classic, clean style, they lack in creativity. If you're looking for a way to spice up the stylish staple, click through for our roundup of updated French manicure nail designs.

Silver Tipped French Manicure

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This silver tipped manicure is a sweet and subtle way to rock two of the year’s hottest trends: pastels and metallic. Start with pink polish as a base coat, and use a nail brush or tape to add a silver tip. See the video tutorial here!

Edged French Manicure

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Photo courtesy of The Nail Buff

The edging on the Nail Buff’s beige and black French manicure is a super professional and polished update on a timeless nail style. Get this look by painting only the very edges of your nails rather than a line on top.

Diagonal French Manicure

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Photo courtesy of Sonailicious

Use a cream-color base coat with light pink and hot pink accents to nail this flirty French manicure from Sonailicious. Use nail tape to section off the diagonal edges, but be sure to leave ample dry time between coats.

Reverse French Manicure

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Want something a little more edgy than the classic French manicure? Try this reverse look from Nail Junkie by tipping the bottom of your nail with a contrasting color.

Striped French Manicure

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Photo courtesy of the Nailasaurus

Adding gray stripes to a white and pink French manicure is a pretty way to add preppy flair to any summer outfit. We love this bold, minimalist look from the Nailasaurus!

Pointed French Manicure

9 / 14

Photo courtesy of Kayla Shevonne

This pointed French manicure by Kayla Shevonne is the perfect way to rock trendy geometrical designs without worrying about a busy pattern. Use nail tape and black polish to create the pointed tips, and add nail gems to the center for an extra dose of glamour.

Ombre French Manicure

10 / 14

Photo courtesy of Reese Kistel

Ombre nails have been everything the past few seasons, but Reese Kistel’s take on the French manicure is so much more sophisticated. Use a makeup sponge with beige and white polish to create this fresh look.

Grunge French Manicure

11 / 14

Photo courtesy Love Varnish

This gold glitter tipped black nail is a rocker-chic update on the prim and proper French manicure. This edgy look from Love Varnish is one of our favorite updates.

Mermaid French Manicure

12 / 14

Photo courtesy of Polish Art Addict

The best part about the Little Mermaid-inspired French mani from Polish Art Addict is that it’s subtle enough to be taken seriously, but cute enough to make you feel like a kid at heart.

Chevron French Manicure

13 / 14

Photo courtesy of Kerruticles

Deck out your digits with Kerruticles' flirty chevron French manicure nail art. Section off your nail with nail tape and accent with peach and gold polish.

Heart Shaped French Manicure

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Photo courtesy of Ishah x Beauty

This sweetheart nail art from Ishah x Beauty is a simple update to the classic French mani. Use pink or red polish to make curves in the shape of a heart. All you need is a nail brush and a steady hand.

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