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TV-Inspired Nail Design Ideas

Weekend binge sessions with Netflix and HBO Go are some of the best times to break out your nail kit, so it's only natural that polish fanatics around the Web have nail design ideas inspired by hit TV shows. Take a look at some of the best TV-themed nail art, and maybe you'll be inspired to pay homage to your favorite show too!

Doctor Who

2 / 20

No need to hop in the TARDIS to travel through time and space—you can get fabulous Doctor Who-inspired nails in the here and now. JeeA Lee put together this super-detailed nail design based on the BBC hit.


3 / 20

Are nails this perfect actually a possibility? It might be a theory for Jamie and Adam to test out, but if you're a Mythbusters fan we certainly encourage you to try out these fun nail design ideas fom Chalkboard Nails.

Mad Men

6 / 20

Go ahead, advertise your love for Mad Men. Who isn't obsessed with the 1960s drama? The clothes, the hair, the nails .... Well, actually their nails are kind of boring, but this nail design idea from Nail Nerd is anything but!


7 / 20

Sure, you bike to your coffee shop job, all of your clothes are thrifted flannel, and you knew months ago that shell art was over, but are your nails Portlandia-approved? Obviously, there's only one solution: Put a bird on it! @KittyKittyPolish proves that this hilarious skit show can make for great nail art.


8 / 20

This nail design idea is inspired by BBC's modern twist on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic stories. It's no mystery that the key to great nail art is great inspiration. This monochromatic look from E Decay copies the skyline from London's Thames River using only black polish over a white base.

Arrested Development

9 / 20

If you're a fan of the dysfunctional Bluth family, these Arrested Development nail designs from Nail Oddity should be right up your alley. Using orange, white, and blue polish as a base with five different designs takes up all your nail real estate for the perfect homage to the hilarious show.

How I Met Your Mother

10 / 20

Are you a big HIMYM fan? From Barney's suit to a butterfly tramp stamp, this mani from Nails by Katy covers some of the show's best moments. And that Lily Pad and Marshmallow accent nail? Too cute.

Sons of Anarchy

11 / 20

As much as you might wish you were Tara, Gemma, or even Wendy (we're not judging you), the ladies from SOA could never rock this nail look from Sincerely Stephanie. Why not? Because they're too busy kicking ass to do such an intricate nail design. We, on the other hand, have about 45 minutes during each episode to perfect this manicure while we fantasize about being Jax Teller's old lady.

The Walking Dead

12 / 20

In the case of a real-life zombie apocalypse, we're going to advise you to not give a damn about your nails. However, if you're more into televised zombies, we definitely suggest this Walking Dead design from Punky's Polish. We love how much a matte top coat can change your mani's look!

Parks and Recreation

13 / 20

Ron Swanson loves breakfast almost as much as we love nail art, so it's only fitting that this Parks and Rec nail design from Chalkboard Nails features "all of the bacon and eggs." The only way this could be better is if you could figure out a way to mix Leslie Knope into this mani.

Downton Abbey

14 / 20

This pretty purple nail design with the Downton Abbey logo-stamped accent nail is perfect for fans of the dramatic British series. Lost in Lacquer's fun TV-inspired nail art is a Masterpiece Classic in the world of manis!

American Horror Story

15 / 20

We're not even trying to get into a debate over which season of AHS is the best, but we love this manicure inspired by the first season! The best part of Alyssa McClain's look is that it's super easy to re-create: Just freehand-paint the creepy-cool typeface featured in the show using red, white, and black polish.

Orange Is the New Black

16 / 20

We can't find anyone who isn't obsessing over the latest season of OITNB, which is why we're obsessing over this nail design from Flails and Nails. It doesn't matter who your favorite from the show is: Vause, Chapman, Taystee, Red, Rosa, Daya, or even Crazy Eyes; this bright orange mani in the style of an old school prison tattoo will suit any fan of the show.

Breaking Bad

17 / 20

We would never, ever advise trying Heisenberg's famous blue unless it's part of your manicure, of course. Everyone's favorite (dare we say, addictive) crime drama may have ended, but you can still represent Walter White with this Breaking Bad-themed nail design from The Crafty Ninja.

True Blood

18 / 20

This True Blood nail art from Brit Nails is the perfect tribute to the best vampire series on TV, and easier to re-create than it looks. Freehand-paint the title on your ring finger, use ombre on your index finger, and then add drips of red polish over a neutral base to copy this nail art.


19 / 20

You don't have to be a blood-splatter analyst (or a secret serial killer) to re-create these fantastic nails from Nails by Coewless. Using a white base and red polish, use the nail polish brush to create a splatter effect on your nails—it might be a little difficult to clean up, but any true Dexter fan knows how to lay down some plastic.


20 / 20

The graphic, TMI-packed story of two plastic surgeons battling their dramas and everyone else's body issues may have ended, but this nail design idea from Cindy's Nails proves you can still indulge in some Nip/Tuck fun.

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