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Chips Ahoy: How to Make a Manicure Last

If your mani is starting to lose its luster (and showing wear and tear), we have the solution for you. Usually mani chips and tears happen at the tip, so here's a quick and easy way to update your nail look without starting from scratch.

Items needed

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Really for this manicure, all you need is a current manicure, one new nail polish that’s different from your manicure, scotch tape, and depending on the finish of your nail polish, a top coat. I decided to use all matte polishes so no top coat necessary!

Nail Tutorial

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I started off with a swap or “Carly” manicure I had worn for two days. I used three of the new Layla softouch effects polishes that were just released in the US because I love that they are glittery matte polishes! The colors used were Limoncello, Turquoise Splash and Marshmallow Twinkle.

Nail Tutorial

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Next it’s time to prepare your tape. I find it’s best to place the tape on your palm and pull it up a few times so that a lot of the stickiness goes away. This will prevent residue being left on your nails.

Nail Tutorial

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Now it’s time to place the tape on the nail. For a French manicure, you don’t want the line to be too thick so I try to make sure no more than about 1/5th of my nail is left un-taped but it’s up to you how thick you want the lines to be! Be sure to smooth down the tape so there are no bubbles or wrinkles otherwise you won’t get a clean line.

Nail Tutorial

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Now it’s time to paint! Start with your brush on the tape and paint outwards towards the tip of your nail.

Nail Tutorial

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Wait for it to dry for about 30 seconds to a minute and then gently peel the nail from one side so that you get a nice, crisp line. Voila! A perfect way to save a chipping manicure!

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