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Ooh, I Love That Nail Color! Women Choose Favorite Shades

Never underestimate the power of a cute manicure. When editors asked readers and bloggers to show off their fave polish shades, the rainbow of photos they sent brightened our day and made us want to run home and do our nails!

Candy-Colored Dots

2 / 9

"Doing nail art is relaxing—it's like yoga for me."
~ Kim Tranell

Bodyography Morocco

6 / 9

"Morocco is the perfect pink: Not too light or dark. "
~ Casey Sorrell

Chanel Lacquerized

7 / 9

"It reminds me of sunshine and flowers."
~ Michèle Van Den Aardweg of Lacquerized

OPI All Lacquered Up

9 / 9

"This OPI polish is like a disco dance party for your nails!"
~ Michelle Mismas of All Lacquered Up

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