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OPI’s Holland Collection Is a Dutch Treat

We're so in love with OPI's amazing Holland-inspired spring/summer 2012 collection, we're this close to donning a pair of wooden shoes and indulging in some very festive braids. Seriously—it's that good. This assortment of edgy pastels and grown-up shimmers is vibrant yet subdued, grown-up yet playful, and the perfect accompaniment to spring fashion. "Holland has a very unique, vibrant beauty to match its open-minded nature," explained OPI Executive VP Suzi Weiss-Fischmann. "Spring is the season of color, and the Holland Collection provides an array of pink, coral, and orange hues that capture this energy."

A Roll in the Hague

1 / 11

Orange is the de facto national color of the Netherlands, and it’s the traditional color of the Dutch Royal Family. This eye-popping shade is shiny and sophisticated.

Red Lights Ahead ... Where?

2 / 11

This vibrant fuchsia will attract admirers from far and wide.

Kiss Me on My Tulips

3 / 11

As pretty as a poppy.

Dutch Ya Just Love OPI?

4 / 11

We’re practically high on this plum purple.

Did You ’Ear About Van Gogh?

5 / 11

This tawny sand shade certainly made an impression.

Thanks a WindMillion

6 / 11

Open up the dikes and let this swoon-worthy sea green in!

Wooden Shoe Like to Know?

7 / 11

A creamy milk-chocolatey brown.

I Have a Herring Problem

8 / 11

There’s nothing wrong with this gorgeous blue-green.

I Don’t Give a Rotterdam!

9 / 11

This steely, shimmery blue is how the Dutch stay so slim.

Gouda Gouda Two Shoes

10 / 11

This robust rose will put a spring in your step.


11 / 11

As decadent and sophisticated as its namesake.

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