6 Biggest Hair Removal Mistakes

Laser and electrolysis expert Berenice Rothenberg on where women go wrong when they're trying to shed unwanted hair

by Genevieve Monsma
Photograph: Photo courtesy of ISTOCK

1. Setting up a hair-removal lasering session without first getting a consultation.

Not all skin or hair is created equal! You should never let a technician near your skin if she or he has not spoken to you at length—or had you fill out a detailed questionnaire about your medical history, remarks Rothenberg.

2. Going to the most inexpensive hair removal center you can find.

The old adage is true: You get what you pay for. And when it comes to hair removal, remember that the technician is wielding a hot, potent laser (often at your most sensitive body parts) so don't Scrooge out. Ask for credentials, what kind of training the technicians undergo, and how many years the center has been in business.

3. Waxing, shaving or tweezing in between lasering services.

Your technician cannot get a sense of your hair growth cycle if you're masking it with do-it-yourself removal between appointments. So hands off! And if you can't stand the re-growth, cluster your appointments closer together until you've reached a point of smoothness that you can tolerate.

4. Skipping appointments.

A good hair removal expert creates a schedule for you that is based on your hair growth cycle. The point? To make sure you're getting lasered at times in the month that maximize hair "fallout." Skipping sessions throws off your schedule, delaying the hair removal process and making it less efficient, explains Rothenberg.

5. Sunning areas you're striving to smooth.

Heat and UV rays stimulate hair growth. So the more sun exposure these spots get, the more hair you're going to battle. Who knew?

6. Cheating on your hair removal guru.

Stick with one regimen and one technician. That specialist knows your skin and what it can tolerate, as well as your hair's growth cycle. Stopping by a hair lasering center on vacation because you couldn't fit in the appointment before you left is a no-no. For the best and the fastest results, you must commit!


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