The Back to School Rx Kit for Mom

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The Back to School Rx Kit

By Teri Shookla

            Yes, it’s that time of year again; your eye begins to twitch every time you see a holiday commercial, and let’s not forget (like we ever would), back to school time. I thought it would be a good time to talk about a few beauty items that will help ease some of the stress associated with back to school chaos. One item that is a must have is Bliss Foot Patrol for those tired and achy feet. Once your feet are on the mend grab yourself a drink (alcohol optional) and have a relaxing facial with Murad Clarifying Mask. Now, once you wake up from this dream… Get some really great eye cream such as the one from Perricone MD Cold Plasma Eye, a bit pricy but well worth it. This will help maintain a youthful awake appearance and give you a healthy glow. Then grab your sunscreen and tinted moisturizer and head back out and enjoy what’s left of summer. And hurry before those holiday commercials kick into full gear.

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