Beauty,...Outside and IN

by Wendy Johnson • Member { View Profile }

I would have never guessed that  at 41 I  would feel more beautiful than I did in my 20’s.
I truly understand  now that with experience comes a certain beauty from within that just  is
not possible  in our 20’s.  We have lived, loved, had ups and downs many times over
by the time we are 40.  For me, a  parent’s passing, another’s illness,  a bitter divorce…all ‘‘deaths’‘ in
one way or another slowly morphed into "rebirths" for me.  The realization that life is short, I have so much to
be thankful for, so much time left God willing. Strength and determination are  such powerful things. It is what made the man I am with now fall in love with me. He tells me he loves my physical beauty but
watching me care for my ailing parents, putting my own life on hold, giving back to the two
people that gave me so much was what made him fall head over heels in love with me…. my internal beauty.
I think that is the most romantic and touching thing anyone has ever said to me, I still get choked
up when I think about it!  40 is really just the beginning!

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