Flab and Wrinkles

by Tanya Landry • More.com Member { View Profile }

I am new to More and enjoyed the humor on many of the stories.  I was reading one story about  all the creams for wrinkles and skin care and I could relate since I’ve tried almost everything I see that claims "it works".  I wonder how much I’d have in my savings account if I just had stuck with Pond’s cold cream. 

Being thin for much of my life I didn’t take exercise or eating healthy serious (I mean…..eating healthy being from the South, is there such a thing? Paula Dean wold agree).  So I prided myself that I didn’t have to work at it until 50 came along…People say I look good for my age and I think "do they notice the flab or my crows feet".  Maye they are just lying as some women seem to do.  I’m trying now to work out on a regular basis but that in itself is another story as there are so many paid advertisements for even that. I even fell for some of those.

But if anyone has found a product out there that really works for wrinkles, or a work out regimen that really works for flabby arms.  I can’t afford surgery and botox is not my thing.  There must be women out there who have tried all the newest things on the market and found something that works, right?

I agree it is better to say you are five years older than you really are.  Because then someone thinks you look really great and that’s a confidence booster.  So after reading someone else’s story on this, I may change my birthday on my profile!  Vein as they come!  Or is it vain?

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