Nightly Nourishing Beauty Treatments

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Keeping skin hydrated during the winter is a constant battle. But, here are a few tips that will quench your body from head to toe!

1. Massage cashew nut oil into dry feet and put on a thin pair of socks and wear to bed.

2. Keep hands smooth as silk by apply almond or jojoba oil each

    night. (I also apply a little heavier around the cuticles).

3. Before taking a shower or bath, dry brush your body with a natural

    bristle body brush to exfoliate and stimulate circulation then apply

    olive oil from head to toe you’ll feel relaxed, rejuvenated and oh

    so soft when you emerge from the water.

4. Bulgarian rose oil will improve your complexion. I like to cleanse

    with Dr. Bonner’s Hemp Rose Pure Castile Soap with a few drops

    of olive oil (this is also a great make-up remover) rinse, pat dry

    with your cloth and moisturize with olive oil and 3 drops of

    Bulgarian rose oil.

5. For longer thicker lashes apply castor or olive oil nightly. (I’ve
    never done this long enough to know if it actually works! :) )


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