Prepping to Glow from Head to Toe - Top 7 Summer Wedding Skin & Cosmetic Warnings

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  • Be careful to avoid all products with petroleum-based ingredients that while extremely common, will not help promote baby soft feet. 
  • 4.  If you are going to kiss —- treat ‘em.

    • Photographers warn against chapped lips:  too many brides who have forgotten that their lips are part of their skin, too.  Dry, chapped lips cannot be covered with lipstick for a photo shoot.  Use a lip sunscreen product throughout the summer if you go bare and use a lip ointment each night if you have challenges with dry lips.
    • Fever blisters love to appear under summer sun and stress – so plan ahead if you are prone to these.  Consider using lip treatment supplements meant to strengthen your body’s resistance to summer fever blisters and be sure to have a fast acting, effective treatment product on hand in case a blister wants to share the spotlight on your day.

    5.  Two-toned is out – match your face and shoulders.  

    • Sometimes we forget that our face and shoulders may not be the same color.  This can be true in the summer and winter.  Sun exposure is the largest contributing factor to this discrepancy.  The camera will reveal this so consider how you tan this summer and how you will account for different colored skin with foundation on your face and the use of bronzers elsewhere.

    6.  Do not use tanning beds.  

    • Indoor tanning almost doubles the risk of dangerous skin cancer, and the more hours spent tanning, the greater the risk. Last year, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, part of the World Health Organization, classified tanning beds as carcinogenic to humans.
    • If you want to be tan at your wedding do it safely.  Get small doses of sun exposure with sun screen at off peak hours, use “sun tan in a bottle,” and/or cosmetic bronzers.
    • If you are determined to use a tanning bed – be careful not to overcook too close to your wedding day.  Risking burning and redness can not only undo your efforts at picking out your cosmetic colors but it can also drain your skin of moisture which naturally gives you your natural glow. 

    7,  Don’t forget to “prime” the groom – and any other men who will be in the photos.

    • Grooms often come to the ceremony with shiny skin or get shiny as the day goes on.  Wedding photographer and makeup artist, Kristen Calhoun (Jersey Shore, PA) suggests that to avoid the groom looking like he is sweating bullets, encourage him to apply a skin primer (aka – makeup primer) before pictures and/or the ceremony for a great matte, masculine look.  This colorless and odorless product can do wonders to cut the shine, minimize the appearance of his pores and present your guy as cool and collected.
    • Also, make sure your groom (and groomsmen if you have any say) get their hair cut a few weeks before the wedding (not the day before).  If the men spend any time outside weeks before the wedding, then get their hair cut (and they have shorter hair), you’ll see a distinctive tan line from where their hair used to be.  It’s always obvious who got their hair cut yesterday!

    Most brides want their skin – face, body, and yes – feet – to glow!  Brides want to have a radiant face, silky shoulders and arms, and smooth feet.  Prepping your skin for your wedding day is a head to toe event that requires just a bit of planning and preparation for picture perfect memories.  Follow these seven simple guidelines to beautiful skin and color and your wedding pictures will thank you for years to come.  Remember, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

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