Prepping to Glow from Head to Toe - Top 7 Summer Wedding Skin & Cosmetic Warnings

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 Whether you are an “in style” bride and/or a “modern bride” the message is clear – your wedding is about the “dress.” Right?  It’s the “dress” and hundreds of other creative, budget-saving, easy, dreamy, and one-of-a kind ideas to make your day (and the groom’s – let’s not forget, the groom) – perfect. Hmmmm…

After all the planning and the playing and the paying – what do you have to cherish the moment?  Your photos and videos.  These are among the few lasting records of one of the most important events in your life.  It’s been said, “Most things in life are moments of pleasure and a lifetime of embarrassment; photography is a moment of embarrassment and a lifetime of pleasure.”  Tony Benn. Let’s avoid being embarrassed by seven small oversights.  The magazines and the books and the internet have you totally covered on all that will go into that day, but in my opinion they are a bit light on a very important aspect of the day that will be captured for all to see and remember in your pictures – your skin. 

1.  Don’t change your skin care regimen 6 weeks before the wedding day. 

  • BUT be on a skin care regimen once you get engaged.  You want your skin as flawless and as glowing as possible and that happens when we are faithful to – wash, tone, and moisturize.  
  • Find a skin care regimen that works for you and that you will “work” on your face, neck, and any other part of your skin not covered by your dress.  Remember to treat your back if it will be exposed to others.

2.  This is when “more is better” – don’t go light on cosmetics. 

  • The single largest cosmetic mistake made by brides is not wearing enough makeup for photographs.  Wedding photographer Shannon Confair (Central PA) says that brides at a minimum must wear foundation to even out skin tone, and heavier than usual (or even comfortable) mascara and eyeliner.  Reduce shine with a primer before applying foundation and a pressed or loose powder after, especially in the summer.  All of this is to reduce the camera’s natural tendency to wash out skin and features and bounce light off shiny areas.
  • Strategically placed “glow highlighters” can work magic by placing shine to bring out your best features.  Use eye shadow colors to draw out your eyes.  Blush applied to only the apples of your cheeks should be natural.  Lipstick colors are meant to enhance.  All colors should be selected specifically for your skin tone – and your dress color – as there are many shades of white.
  • Select fresh cosmetics several weeks ahead of your wedding day and learn and practice how to apply them for the look you want to achieve.  Ask your photographer for suggestions. You don’t want to think about how or where to use them on your wedding day. 
  • Have a particular place to keep these separate from your day to day cosmetics and bring all of them to the place you are getting dressed, as well as where photos will be taken for both your first application and any touch-ups throughout the event. 
  • You might want to also get your bridesmaids and any other women who will be part of the ceremony and part of your photographs to do the same so they, too, look their best, especially in the pictures. 

3.  If you are going to show your heels – fix ‘em.  

  • Most people at the wedding will see you – and all other attendees – from the back.  And that includes the back of your feet – as most brides are in some form of sandal in the summer.  While your pedicure will take care of the temporary issues you have with embarrassing heels, you can do a lot to pay attention to these throughout the summer months.  When you’re wearing flip-flops or going barefoot , make sure you’re moisturizing with a product that works. 

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