The Story of Eight Body Moisture

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Eight Body Moisture and Eight Sugar Scrub

On your site, you said one could write a story or reference a story.

I would like to reference my story from my website. 

It is a great.   Please go to:

You can read my story of my Mother and see what fabulous body products I make.  Even read some interesting testimonials. 

After working with my products for the last 4 years, something very fun happened. 
I created this incredible hydrating system for the body using 14 natural and essential ingredients to nourish dry skin.  

Here is how you would use my products for the Ultimate in Dry Skin Solutions:

1. Dry Brush body
2. Step into a warm shower and cleanse with Eight Creme Body Wash
3. Exfoliate and soften with Eight Sugar Scrub
4. Lightly towel dry and apply Eight Body Moisture.

A MUST try.  Just ask New York Magazine!!  Aja loves it.

Vicki Weaver Payne

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