What Gorgeous Skin Looks Like at Every Age

Four women, ages 39 to 60, show off their gorgeous skin and the products they swear by

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Dawn Shapiro, 39, Vice President and Group Partner at Universal McCann, a Global Advertising Agency

On how her job has benefited her face “One of my clients is a big skin-care company, so I’ve had exposure to research and development and have gained an understanding of what makes a good product. Happily, I’ve learned that you don’t have to spend a ton of money to get effective skin-care products.”


On why she is aging well “I started taking care of my skin, seeing a dermatologist regularly and staying out of the sun earlier than most. I had my first basal cell carcinoma at 19, which was a wake-up call.”


On her at-home routine “I use Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Cleanser in the morning and Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleansing Oil at night. During the day I apply Neova DNA Total Repair, followed by Neutrogena Pure and Free Liquid SPF 50. About three nights a week, I use Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Night Moisturizer. Other nights I just fall into bed after washing my face.”


On prevention “Sunscreen is the number-one way I stave off damage.”

Ari Michelson

Dawn's Skin Saver 1

Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleansing Oil ($25; philosophy.com)

Bryan McCay

Dawn's Skin Saver 2

Neova DNA Total Repair ($99; neova.com)

Bryan McCay

Dawn's Skin Saver 3

Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Night ($20; drugtores)

Bryan McCay

Mara Brock Akil, 42, Writer and Producer for TV shows such as "Cougar Town" and "Being Mary Jane"

On embracing her imperfections “I have stretch marks on my body from having two kids, and I’ve gotten some skin tags on my face. But I am loved by a good man, and he makes me feel good—so I’m not as hard on myself anymore. I aim to love all aspects of my skin.”


On skin care you can’t bottle “I think the way I live affects the way I look. I’ve been cutting toxic people out of my life, and I’ve stopped being such a people pleaser. I feel better, and my skin shows it.”


On being efficient “I get facials twice a year at the Kinara Spa in Los Angeles and get a new skin-care prescription then. That way I’m certain what I’m doing is best for my skin right now rather than guessing and buying products I don’t need.”


On taking care of her skin below the neck “I apply body lotion diligently every morning. My staple is Kiehl’s Creme de Corps, and when I want to indulge, I add in a little Santa Maria Novella Jojoba Oil.”


On the sleep-skin connection “I prioritize sleep, and nothing makes skin look better than being well rested. I strive for eight hours a night, I sleep in on the weekends, and I take naps. I would rather sleep than eat something sweet; to me, sleep is delicious.”

Ari Michelson

Mara Skin Saver 1

Kiehl’s Creme De Corps ($11–$75; kiehls.com)

Bryan McCay

Mara Skin Saver 2

Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream ($37; dermstore.com)

Bryan McCay

Mara Skin Saver 3

Kinara Purifying Cleansing Gel ($42; kinaraspa.com)

Bryan McCay

Yasmina Rossi, 51



On being 51:

"I feel more at peace than I did 10 years ago. I’ve realized that everything around me is a source of teaching. This is aging, and I enjoy it."


On gray hair:

"My hair started turning gray when I was 12 and was salt-and-pepper by the time I hit 20. I never colored it, because I knew it was my best asset."


On creativity:

"When I work with my hands, I feel in touch with my soul. I started making jewelry two years ago. My designs are very ethnic, with turquoise, coral and shells reminiscent of my childhood on Corsica."


On eating well:

"I’m drawn to colorful foods like tomatoes, pink grapefruits and spinach. I like putting beauty and life into my body-I feel it shows on the outside."


On photography:

"I love being behind the camera. I did my first self-portrait in the Texas desert. When I’m in huge surroundings, I feel huge inside."

Ari Michelson

Yasmina Skin Saver 1

May Lindstrom the Youth Dew Serum ($120; maylindstrom.com)

Bryan McCay

Yasmina Skin Saver 2

L’Occitane Divine Cream ($102; usa.loccitane.com)

Bryan McCay

Yasmina Skin Saver 3

Aethic Sôvée Sunscreen SPF 15($62; aethic.com)

Bryan McCay

Laura Forman, 60, Sculptor, Painter and Illustrator

On her simple approach “I probably shouldn’t admit it, but for years I used just soap and water on my face. After I turned 50, I finally upgraded. Now I use CeraVe cleanser and a washcloth, and in the morning I follow it with a sunscreen with SPF 60. At night I use La Roche–Posay Nutritic Cream for Dry Skin.”

On her natural, fresh face “I am a minimalist in all aspects of my beauty routine. I really don’t wear much makeup. In fact, until about a year ago, I didn’t even own mascara. I’ve only very recently become aware of any signs of aging on my face or felt incentivized to do much more than wash and go.”

On her (shh!) skin-care secret “I have been studying mindfulness meditation for some time, and it has been remarkable. Perhaps that’s why I’ve been lucky with my skin. The meditation has been scientifically shown to shrink the amygdala, the fight-or-flight part of the brain. This allows you to stay calmer, even in stressful situations—and they do say stress is aging.”

On when her skin looks best “When I am happy and at peace—and this most reliably happens when I’ve just spent time outdoors, connecting with nature. It’s my mother’s legacy to me: As a young child, I was taught to love and find solace in the natural world, and I find that as I age, I am returning more and more to that quiet, simple way of being.”

Ari Michelson

Laura's Skin Saver 1

CeraVe hydrating cleanser ($11; drugstores)

Bryan McCay

Laura's Skin Saver 2

La Roche–Posay Anthelios 60 Ultra-Light Sunscreen Fluid ($30; drugstores)

Bryan McCay

Laura's Skin Saver 3

La Roche–Posay Nutritic Cream for Dry Skin  ($26; drugstores)

Bryan McCay

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J. 09.13.2014

So we stop aging and everything else at 60? I guess those that are 70+ are irrelevant?
No need for me to read your page or buy your magazine then.

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