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MORE beauty director Genevieve Monsma test-drives a "face exerciser" in hopes of boosting saggy skin

I was sitting on the couch this weekend sporting my new “Face Trainer” (pictured here—though that’s a model, not me) and performing a set of facial exercises designed to work my eye, cheek, and jaw muscles, when my husband passed through the living room. He stopped and said simply, “I hope you’re wearing that for a story.”

It’s true. The Face Trainer isn’t pretty. Essentially a resistance band for your face and neck, it looks more like something Jason (as in Friday the 13th) would don than a beauty product. But if it can help boost droopy skin sans injectables and surgery, maybe it’s worth a try (though I do recommend donning it in private). 

The theory behind the device sounds plausible. Strength training boosts a saggy butt—so why can’t it also help a face that’s headed south? No (the company that makes the Trainer) recommends using the the device every day for about 10 minutes. (The kit also comes with a week-by-week schedule, as well as exercises to work specific parts of the face.) And while I’m normally skeptical about anything that sounds remotely “gimmicky” (and this product definitely falls into that category), my German grandmother did facial exercises regularly, beginning at around 40, and her surgery-free skin stayed taut well into her 70s.
So I’ll be donning this contraption daily for the next four weeks (longer if it works!) and I’ll share the results (as well as photos) at the end of June.
In the meantime, if you want to read more about the Face Trainer, visit my-no-no.com. And if you’re interested in training alongside me, the device is about $200 and available at the website, above. 

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