Beezie Madden on Staying Fit and Not Slowing Down

Beezie Madden took home Olympic gold from the 2004 and 2008 games in the sport of team jumping. This time, however, the world champion, now 48, left the games empty-handed. When MORE caught up with the superstar equestrian in London, she promised that we haven’t seen the last of her and her four-legged partner. Read the edited version of our interview with her

by Ilyssa Panitz • Celebrity Reporter
Photograph: Shannon Brinkman/USEF

More: Would your elimination from the Olympics discourage you from trying to qualify for the next one?
BM: No. I will probably go for it again. As long as I have the horses and excellent supporters behind me, I am ready to go. I am already starting to think about the right horses for the next Olympic games.

More: But this one isn’t even over.
BM: I am looking to see who might peak by then and who would be ready for the next set of games.

More: So you are off to your next competition?
BM: We have World Championships every two years, and we have World Cup Finals, which happens every year. Between that and practice I don’t have time to slow down.

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