20 Beauty Products That Make Aging Easier

Birthdays, shmirthdays. Thanks to these finds, you'll look your best at any age

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Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, $59

Oil-free. Sheer-but-buildable. Hydrating. Available in 20 shades. Leaves the skin looking clear and glowing. If this formula were human, we'd marry it.

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Chanel Glossimer, $28.50

This lipgloss makes you look—and feel—like a teenager. Okay, not really. But the shades are all face-brighting and flattering—and most hues have a bit of shimmer to help to create the illusion of lip fullness. One shade that works well on most: Wild Rose.


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Clinique Happy, $42.50

The brand's best-selling citrus-floral scent was originally targeted to teens and 20-somethings. But women in their prime (that's aged 30+ in our book) took to it as well, layering it over their other favorite scents to create their own customized, forever-youtful blend.

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Bobbi Brown Extra SPF 25 Tinted Moisturizing Balm, $52

For very dry types, this tinted über-hydrator is like the second coming. It evens out tone and boosts overall radiance—but it also gives thirsty skin a long, cool drink of water.

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Dr. Brandt Crease Release with GABA Complex, $75

There is no such thing as Botox in a bottle (despite the hyperbolic claims of some skin care creams). But this eye treatment does have an instant tightening and smoothing effect that's as close to post-injection as you're going to get at home.

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Perfekt Beauty Body Perfection Gel, $48

Spinning class can help tone your legs, but it won't do squat when it comes to spider veins, bruises and unsightly spots. For those, get some Perfekt Gel. This tinted lotion minimizes imperfections and boosts color if your legs are looking sallow or grey. And, unlike self tanner, it won't streak, smell, or stain your clothes. Available in three shades.

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Benefit They're Real! Mascara, $22

If your lashes are at all sparse or spindly, don't live another day without this mascara formula. It lenghtens, thickens and curls—all, miraculously, without clumping.

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Essie Nail Lacquer in Power Clutch, $8

One of the best ways to show the world you're still young at heart: An off-beat nailcolor. One we love: Essie's Power Clutch. It's green (green!) but yet, still a neutral. So you can check the "hip" box, while still feeling age-appropriate.

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RevitaBrow, $110

We got a head's up on the wrinkles and the saggy necks. But disappearing brows? Consider us surprised. So we're glad the maker of lash-enhancing Revitalash came out with this brow treatment. It promises to jump-start growth on straggly arches in about six weeks.

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Dr. Gross Extra-Strength Alpha-Beta Peel, $35-85

To get rid of skin dullness, you've got to slough off the dead skin cells that have accumulated and clouded your complexion. Few at-home options are as effective as this two-step peel, developed by a Manhattan-based, celebrity dermatologist.

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John Masters Deep Scalp and Follice Treatment, $21

If you're noticing hair thinning but aren't quite at the stage where you want to try Rogaine (or the like), this gentle, scalp-stimulating treatment will encourage more robust hair growth.

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St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Lotion, $30-40

It's just a fact: Tawny skin makes bellies, thighs and upper arms looks slimmer. But, since sunning is taboo, the next best thing is a good self tanner...and we haven't found a formula that can top this one.

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Living Proof Full Thickening Hair Cream, $15-26

This easy-to-use cream may be life (or at least looks) changing if you suffer from anemic, limp strands. It add body and density—sans stiffness. Christie Brinkley, eat your heart out.

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Fresh Elixir Ancien, $250

Skincare's little-know secret? If you want truly glowing skin, you've got to use an oil. Creams, lotions-they have their place. But nothing gives the skin that baby-ish dewiness like an oil. One of our favorites: Fresh Elixir Ancien, which boasts many of the same anti-aging additives as the line's best-selling Crème Ancienné.

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YSL Touche Eclat, $40

If you haven't yet tried this luminizing cream pen, you must. It brightens skin around the eyes and (we swear) takes years off in seconds. Available in 14 shades.

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Neutrogena Ultra-Sheer Liquid Daily Sunblock SPF 70, $13

UV rays are the number one cause of aging. Yet, when it comes to sunscreen, many women have a mile-long list of excuses for skipping it (it's sticky, makes my skin look chalky, pills under my makeup, it smells).

But this almost-water-like formula should put those complaints to bed: It's thinner than milk, disappears into the skin—and is a cinch to apply makeup over. No more excuses.

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Skin Medica Tri Retinol Complex, $55

Everyone knows, retinol (or in Rx form, Retin-A) is the number one doctor recommended antidote to aging skin. Few over-the-counter options pack the wrinkle-fighting punch of this one.

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Aveda Pure Abundance, $24

Increases hair thickness by 17 percent—instantly. If your hair is on the fine side, that alone should be motivation to try this innovative powder formula. Just sprinkle on your palms...then finger-comb through. Voilà—you've got strands like Sophia Vergara! (Okay, that's a joke. But you will see improvement.)

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Peter Thomas Roth Firmx Eye, $38

Puffiness and bags don't stand a chance against this instant skin-tightening treatment. Of course, the results are temporary—but a few hours reprieve from chronic bags is better than no relief at all.

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Go Smile Speed Whitening System, $99

Yellow teeth=old. To keep people from over-estimating your age (only a good thing until you turn 21), take the time to bleach once a year. This system gives good results only a dentist can rival.

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First Published October 11, 2011

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