10 Dating Apps You Need to Know About

We've got you covered: Apps that help you find a date, a restaurant and more.

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For those who’ve always wanted to try it, but couldn’t commit to the monthly membership fee, this apps for you.  The free download lets you access your profile from just about anywhere and communicate with members during their free communication weekends. Most of the perks, with little commitment from your wallet.

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Think of it as FourSquare for dating: this social network app finds singles in your immediate area who are looking to flirt and mingle.


Speed Date

Go on as many 5-minute dates as you wish with this app. Faithful users claim it’s the go-to dating service with the quickest turn-around time (in terms of getting a date) out there.


Charm Him

Dating advice in the palm of your hand: Charm Him schools you on body language, conversation and flirting techniques. Perfect for those who've been out of the dating game and need help diving back in.



Why not give it a whirl? Users say this app is better— and easier to navigate— than the actual site.

How About We

Ever feel like you’re stuck on a boring date? With How About We, users suggest things they’d like to do— like-minded folks get in touch to make it happen.


Dating Ice Breakers

Fun, thought provoking questions to ask when awkward silence looms.



Think of Picksie as Pandora for your social life:  give a thumbs up or thumbs down to the recommended places (restaurants, cafes, etc) and Picksie curates new lists based on your likes, and dislikes.


Valentine Radio

The date was a success, and now you need to set the mood. Queue up your iPhone to Valentine Radio, a free app that streams love songs for your loved ones.


Pair It! Food & Wine Guide

Impress your date with your extensive knowledge of vino. Created by chef and wine expert Bruce Riezenman, the app has a library of over 1,000 dishes and 180+ varietals from around the world to pair them with.


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First Published August 2, 2011

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