10 Best Apps for Foodies

Become a better home cook with these apps that are as refined as your taste buds.

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For Home Cooks

Baking with Dorie


You'll soon be able to break your Food Network addiction with “Baking with Dorie,” an app by celebrity baker Dorie Greenspan. With its technique videos, you’ll feel as if she’s in your kitchen teaching you how to make her flaky pie crust. And with her ability to write disarmingly simple recipes, you’ll actually succeed.

Bonus Feature: It’s all desserts. But with its food photography, will you be able to save the best course for last?


Buy "Baking with Dorie" here.


Jennifer Jeanne Patterson is a freelance writer and author of52 Fights. She lives in Minneapolis with her husband and three children. Find her blog at Unplanned Cooking.


For Eating Locally



The easiest way to know what’s in your food (and not in it, like icky pesticides) is to eat local and in season, when foods are at their best, most abundant--and therefore least expensive. Locavore pinpoints farms and farmers’ markets based on your current location, and recommends what should be on your plate now.


Bonus Feature: Recipes to help you plan an in-season menu. You’ll feel one with the earth.




For Buying Fresh Fruits and Vegetables



Can’t remember the rules for telling if a peach is ripe? No surprise: Every fruit ripens differently. Some ripen on the tree, others off it; some you pick when purple, others when green. Harvest puts that information at your fingertips. It’ll instruct you how to squeeze and smell your produce, as well as how to store it, so you’re not left with a slimy zucchini in your refrigerator two days later. Think of the time you’ll save not having to swat fruit flies.

Bonus Feature: Harvest displays a pesticide level so you can decide whether or not you should shell out the cash for organic.



Harvest App

For Allergy-Free Cooking

Cook IT Allergy Free


Eliminating gluten from your diet or dealing with food allergies? Cook IT Allergy Free allows you to swap out ingredients your stomach literally can’t handle so you can still make your favorite recipes, no math required.


Bonus Feature: Save your recipes to your Grocery List to pick up substitutions for your allergens while walking through the store. Better yet, shoot off your list as an email to your significant other. You’ve got enough on your plate.




For Wine Pairing

Pair It! Food and Wine Guide


No need to stress out in a wine shop before your dinner party. Pair It! will give you the perfect wine to swill for each course by matching flavors or pairing opposites, like sweet wine with spicy food. Feeling wild? Try Pair It!’s swirl feature for a random pairing. Crazy, huh?

Bonus Feature: It displays phonetic spellings so you sound like you know what you’re talking about.




For Cheese Connoisseurs



Host a wine and cheese party but let Fromage do the work. This app sorts over 750 cheeses by region, milk type and texture, plus recommends complementary wines. Use its historical descriptions to impress your guests with your knowledge, and its photo journal to record which cheeses truly stink.


Bonus Feature: With its share feature, you can email your friends descriptions of their favorite cheeses from your night.




For Staying Connected



Stay connected to your friends through your love of food. Use Instagram to document your food discoveries, like that lamb boulangere. Apply one of its filters to give your photo a vintage look and voila--you’ve got your friends’ mouths watering.


Bonus Feature: Search by hashtag to find delicious things near you.




For Restaurant Recommendations and Reservations



Traveling in a new city? Don’t waste your money on a restaurant that lets you pick your own hardened dessert off a tray. With Zagat’s GPS feature, you can scope out over 30,000 restaurant rankings and reviews based on your current location.


Bonus Feature: Reserve a table instantly from your phone.




For Sustainable Seafood

Seafood Watch


Save our oceans by supporting better fishing practices and protecting endangered species. Before ordering off your dinner menu, use Seafood Watch to ensure your entree is ocean-friendly. If it’s not, Seafood Watch will suggest an alternative fish to help preserve our ocean’s ecosystem.


Bonus Feature: Do your fellow diners a favor: Contribute to Project FishMap to let others know which restaurants and businesses sell sustainable seafood near you.




For Shopping



Still lusting after that KitchenAid stand mixer you registered for but didn’t get as a wedding gift? TheFind will flip through inviting catalogues, like Sur La Table and Williams-Sonoma, and display where you can buy it cheapest.

Bonus Feature: No need to clip coupons. TheFind scans barcodes and lists prices from the Web and nearby stores.




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First Published August 4, 2011

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