Women, More Than Men, Switch BFFs Over Time

Study finds females turn to their kids as best friends in their forties

by Lesley Kennedy • MORE.com Reporter

Is your old BFF MIA? Join the big club.

LiveScience reports a new study shows that while men are more likely to have a female bestie their whole lives, women change things up—turning to their mate in their twenties and their kids in their forties as best friends.

“What this looks like to us is a strategic investment in social capital on the part of women that men just don't do,” Oxford anthropologist and study researcher Robin Dunbar tells the website. “You have a limited amount of time, effort and emotion that you can invest in your relationships, and women tend to invest very heavily in single individuals.”

The researchers tracked cell phone calls and texts of 3 million–plus Europeans, deeming the person contacted most the best friend, LiveScience reports. The website adds that both men and women often have a BFF of the opposite sex, but that women swap to other women at an average age of 32.

Have you had the same BFF since you were kids? Is your hubby your bestie? Your daughter? Tell us—leave a comment below!

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