Top 10 Makeup Items from the Big Beauty Try-On 2012

For the fourth year in a row, we asked More's Opinionista reader panel to become grooming guinea pigs, testing fall's new fragrances, cosmetics and hair and skin products (111 in all). Here, their top makeup picks

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Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Finish Foundation, SPF 15



The newest face base from beauty mogul Bobbi Brown was designed to stay put (without caking or changing color) for up to 12 hours. Even better, the finish is light and natural, as opposed to masklike, a common criticism of long-wear formulas. According to testers, the product more than lived up to its claims, even converting one reader with an aversion to base.“I generally don’t wear foundation, but this gave a natural look. It’s a product I would actually consider using,” she said. Others agreed: “It looked done but not overdone”; “It lasted the whole day.”

Todd Huffman

Cle de Peau Beaute Limited Edition Satin Eye Color in Platinum Gold



This eyeshadow has been finely milled (that’s a fancy way of saying it’s been ground into a smooth-as-silk powder), making the formula’s shimmer (which is also finely ground) quite subtle. The result? An eyeshadow that manages to be both glittery and grownup, a duality the More Opinionistas were pretty wild about. “I loved everything about this eyeshadow. It looks and feels luxurious,it lasted all day, and the color is superb for all skin tones and types,” gushed one tester. The only (sort of) complaint: “I just wish this shadow came in a larger size.” 

Todd Huffman

Dermalogica Age Smart Skinperfect Primer, SPF 30



If reviews written in all caps are any indication of how beloved a product is, then testers were mad for this face primer. “SO LOVED THISPRODUCT,” said one. “I ADORED it,” said a second. “LOVEDthis product,” raved a third. An all-in-one sunscreen, makeup primer and skin treatment (the formula containsfree-radical-fighting antioxidants andcollagen-stimulating peptides), it can be worn alone, as testers seemed to prefer, or under makeup to extend its longevity. “Great creamy texture and invisible coverage. It made my skin look so good, I elected to skip foundation,” explained one tester. Another, who did top the primer with foundation, reported, “It was amazing how well it made my makeup stay on. I work outside in the sun, so for my makeup to still look good at the end of the day is a miracle.” Note: Several said that they noticed an “antiseptic” smell when the product was applied but that it disappeared once the primer was absorbed into the skin.

Todd Huffman

Estee Lauder Pure Color Gelee Powder Eyeshadow in Cyber Pink



Billed in the marketing materials as “hyper-metallic and futuristic,” this color might have been deemed off-putting (metallic pink on your eyes?). Instead, readers embraced it becauseit went on quite sheer. “This eyeshadow actually made a great highlighter,” said one tester. “The word metallic is misleading, as it has a very soft look, and it will wear well on women of any age.” The eyeshadow received two other thumbs-up, from testers who described the color simply as “a great shade!” and “really pretty.”

Todd Huffman

Giorgio Armani Rouge D'Armani Sheer in 503



A lip color and treatment in one, this new formula from the designer brand promises to keep lips hydrated forup to eight hours. Several testers noted the product’s comfortable feel, saying it was “sheer and lightweight but still imparts good color.” Many also noted the packaging: “Love the heft and satisfying click of the tube.” “Great case design.” And one concluded that shade 503—a pinky beige—made for a “nice nude face.” (The product is available in five other hues as well.)

Todd Huffman

L'Oreal Paris Infallible Lacquer Line 24H in Blackest Black

($10; drugstores)


A common complaint of women over 30 is that their eye makeup fades, creases or slips and slides (the last a likely result of rich eye creams). So it’s no surprise that this liner, touted as staying put for up to 24 hours, was embraced. “This stuff really stays on. Doesn’t flake or lose color all day,” said one. A few noted the black was dark for their complexions (it does come in four other shades), but they were glad it stayed moist enough right after application to allow them to smudge and soften the effect. Finally, several commented that a makeup remover is a must—that the 24-hour claim is not an exaggeration. “When I dropped the brush in the sink by accident, I had to use makeup remover just to get the smudge off the porcelain,” said one tester.

Todd Huffman

Laura Geller Dream Creams Concealer & Highlighter Palette in Porcelain/Fair



This creamy concealer palette contains four stripes of color, allowing you to customize the shade (e.g., go a little lighter and brighter under the eye or create a slightly darker shade to conceal a blemish). Also, although using this palette requires a little more application savvy than, say, swiping on lip gloss, testers adapted easily. “The mixable palette was wonderful. It was fun to try different combinations,” gushed one. Another said, “It’s a great highlighter for my upper brow arch. I also used it to conceal a few blemishes.” The full coverage was commendable as well. “It seamlessly covered circles and diffused fine lines” and provided “good coverage without caking,” testers said. Note: For medium to darker skin tones, there is also a Regular/Tan color combination.

Todd Huffman

Laura Mercier Faux Lash Mascara in Black



Described by the company as providing “intense exaggeration,” this mascara seemed to live up to its billing. “It made my minuscule lashes look long and full, even without using my beloved eyelash curler,” said one woman. And a particularly skeptical tester admitted, “This is the first mascara I’ve used that I’ve actually liked. It made my lashes look longer and thicker until they truly started to look almost fake.” The jumbo brush also merited some comments, mostly positive, though a few testers werea bit overwhelmed by the size. “It was so big, I laughed out loud the first time I pulled it from the tube. I could have brushed my hair with it!” joked one. Another suggested a smaller brush be added to the other end of the tube, since the sheer size of the brush made it difficult to coat shorter, lower lashes. Overall, though, the mascara was a hit. As one tester stated, “My lashes look the best ever.”

Todd Huffman

OPI Nail Lacquer in Suzi & The 7 Dusseldorfs

($9; at Ulta stores)


This deep-purple lacquer from OPI’s new Germany Collection won raves for both its versatility and its sophistication. “I received many compliments and questions about the color the first day I wore it!” said one. “This is a great color for fall,” wrote another. Testers also praised the lacquer’s wearability, describing the formula as“long lasting” and “top quality.”  

Todd Huffman

Shiseido Radiant Lifting Foundation SPF 17



The theory behind this new foundation: Sagging causes shadows; shadows age your face. To combat the problem, Shiseido packed this formula with light-reflecting particles designed to cause light to bounce upward, off the face, minimizing the appearance of dreaded shadows. The blend also contains skin-care ingredients to help firm skin and make it tauter over time. Testers commented primarily on the good coverage. “A little went a long way.” “Good coverage without being heavy.” “Love it! Love it! A small squirt is enough [for your whole face].” “The coverage is excellent.” “Covered everything!” Get the picture?  


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