The Ideal Places to Grow Older in America

A new ranking of the Best Cities for Successful Aging may influence where you choose to live in retirement

by Richard Eisenberg • Next Avenue
Utah takes first and second place for Top 10 Large Cities for People 65 to 79

As the creator of Money’s “Best Places to Live in America” franchise back in the ‘80s and now editor of the Money & Security and Work & Purpose channels at Next Avenue, my ears perk up whenever I hear there’s a new “Best Places” list, especially one that focuses on retirement locales.
The latest ranking is called Best Cities for Successful Aging and I think you should check it out, although I have one reservation about it, as you’ll see.
How The Cities Were Ranked

Best Cities for Successful Aging, from the Milken Institute, a nonpartisan think tank based in Santa Monica, Calif., looked for “safe, affordable, engaging and connected” communities for people 65 and older that offer “quality health care and an active lifestyle with ready access to transportation, education, employment and recreation.”
Who wouldn’t want to live in a place like that — at any age?
To find the winners, the researchers gathered data to compare the 100 biggest U.S. "metropolitan statistical areas" and the 259 next biggest locales, which Milken calls “small metros.”

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