Best Websites for Women Entrepreneurs

Resolve to reinvent in the New Year. We've got the best websites to help you follow your dreams.

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To Network

Join the Ladies Who Launch community for support and information on how to make your dream of entrepreneurialship happen.



Photo courtesy of Luba V Nel /

Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Luba V Nel /

To Develop a Game Plan

Not sure which path your reinvention should take? Chic CEO covers it all: Starting a business, inventing a product and buying a franchise.

To Buy a Franchise

Do your research and find support at Franchise.



Photo Courtesy of Victor Correla /

Photo Credit: Photo Courtesy of Victor Correla /

For Ideas

Stay on top of the latest trends with the informative articles at Women Entrepreneur



Photo courtesy of Sergey Panychev /

Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Sergey Panychev /

To Make a Difference in Our World

Ready to use your skills to make a difference in our world? Use to find a career that brings purpose to your life.


*Now accepting applicants for The Purpose Prize.

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For Seed Money

Find an angel investor at Golden Seeds.



Photo courtesy of Mindaugass /

Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Mindaugass /

For More Money

When's the last time you got a raise? Make it happen in the New Year with Get Raised

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Get Raised

To Get Your Name Out There

Increase your visibility and reach the experts with LinkedIn.



Photo courtesy of Vladru /

Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Vladru /

To Learn From Others

Read financial news and learn leadership skills from executive women of color at Black Enterprise.


Photo courtesy of iodrakon/

Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of iodrakon/

For The Details

Learn the nuts and bolts of how to become an entrepreneur with the U.S. Small Business Administration



Photo courtesy of Jirsak /

Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Jirsak /

To Find Your Niche

Are you a technical wizard? Try Women 2.0 to become the founder of your own technology startup.



Photo courtesy of sellingpix /

Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of sellingpix /

To Find Your Cause

Connect with business leaders and social entrepreneurs who believe as strongly as you do in a just and sustainable economy with Social Venture Network



Photo courtesy of viewgene /

Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of viewgene /

To Raise A Little Cash

Need cash to start your business? Pitch your product to the public at KickStarter for some crowdfunding.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of KickStarter

To Get Smart About Money

Up your financial IQ with Daily Worth

Photo Credit: Courtesy of DailyWorth

To Polish Your Professional Skills

Sharpen your business skills and get your name out there with Diva Toolbox

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Diva Toolbox

To Raise Serious Cash

Do your research at National Venture Capital Association on how to sell your idea to a venture capitalist.




Jennifer Jeanne Patterson is a freelance writer and author of 52 Fights. She lives in Minneapolis with her husband and three children. Find her blog at Unplanned Cooking.


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Photo Credit: Courtesy of National Venture Capital Association

First Published December 1, 2011

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