Bethenny Frankel Gets Personal

In her latest book, “A Place of Yes”, Skinny Girl entrepreneur Bethenny Frankel opens up about her difficult childhood, failed relationships and career setbacks.  We recently chatted with the reality superstar and here, she speaks candidly about sex, getting what you deserve and the dating advice she'll give her daughter

by Jamie Miles • Editorial Assistant
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Photograph: Courtesy of Bethenny Frankel

MORE: We recently had a piece in our May issue about a woman’s son who started dating-- what advice would you give your daughter Bryn on men once she starts dating?
BF: I would advise her that getting men to respect you and want to marry you -- as much if not more than they want to get physical with you -- is an art form.

MORE: What did you learn by the age of 40 that you wished you had learned years ago?
BF: Not to sunbathe, that it would all work out and all roads lead to Rome.


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First Published June 29, 2011

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