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The Big Picture

The Big Picture

As a volunteer for Wilkes-Barre/Luzerne County for Obama, I have received hundreds of e-mails after Tuesday night’s results came through. Although most of them were congratulatory, several have been hostile and/or angry.

As I have stated in previous writings, it has always been my intention to back whichever candidate won the nomination. Am I happy? Of course I am. It is what I have worked so hard to achieve. Would I have been disappointed if the results were different? Of course I would have. But would I let it distort my vision of the big picture? No I would not.

Regardless of Tuesday night, history would have been and has been made. Now is a time for us to unite as a Democratic party and put our support behind the contender who will beat McCain in November. I only hope that as people’s emotions calm down, they remember what this is really about.

It is about unity.

It is about change.

It is about progress.

No longer words, but ideals.

Ideals we need to stand behind and recognize as the big picture.