Office Watercooler Biggest Work Time Suck

Survey finds chatting, computer problems, Facebook are on-the-job time wasters

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

Companies hoping to get their employees to work more might want to ditch the office watercooler.

Turns out all those convos about what happened on True Blood and who won the game aren’t so great for productivity.

ABC News reports a survey by TrackVia finds watercooler chitchat is the number-one time waster at work, followed by computer problems and social-media use on the clock.

Bosses, you may want to let your staff know the rules.

“While some may argue that company policies and procedures can be considered a point of frustration and wasted time with workers, the survey found that only 4 percent of respondents considered it their biggest waste of time,” TrackVia notes in a statement, according to the network. “In fact, when asked specifically about company policies, rules or procedures, some 44 percent said they actually helped increase productivity at least slightly.”

Maybe you should just send ’em in a Facebook status update.

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