U.S. Women's Boxing Contender Battled Abuse

Quanitta Underwood was molested by her father

by Lesley Kennedy • MORE.com Reporter

Today, the U.S. Olympic boxing trials for women begin—a first, as women’s boxing becomes an Olympic sport—and Quanitta Underwood, 27, could be a contender for a medal.

But, the New York Times reports, she's faced bigger battles. According to the newspaper, Underwood, who is currently ranked the world’s fourth-best lightweight female boxer, was sexually abused by her father. 

Underwood, known as Queen, started the website Living Out the Dream as an outlet to tell her story, the Times reports.

“I would close my eyes and just dream about having a different life, because I thought that if I had this thing, this success, I’d feel like I was at a point of starting over,” she tells the newspaper. “That dream carried me through a lot of days . . . I can be an example. I am a survivor of child abuse, and I became strong and independent.”

And, you can bet, we, and the rest of America, are already cheering for her.

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First Published February 13, 2012

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