Editor's Letter: Inside the Brain of the Editor-in-Chief

Read Lesley Jane Seymour's June 2012 editor's letter here.

by Lesley Jane Seymour • Editor-in-Chief

Mere multitasking? That would be sooooo easy. I’m always processing 45 ideas and tasks at once, and I know you are, too. Here, the kind of serious, silly and downright embarrassing thoughts that take up my brain space every day. What’s on your mind? Tell us in the comment section below.

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Very similar thoughts in my brain. Loved that you captured the thought of who is going to fix our dysfunctional government...it's worrisome and feels like no one can. Being single, I would also add something about living away from your family and closest friends. A minor medical emergency last week brought this home as an issue to think about. I'm 57 and would like to finish my career with my current employer, but if I needed substantial help for a surgery or similar, I probably don't have the support system here that I would need.

Elizabeth Rand05.28.2012

Dear Ms. Seymour,
What’s on my mind? Everything, and More. The only way I can deal with it is to compartmentalize my time and activities. Even my job as a high school Theatre Manager has a million facets to it. At home I’m a single mother so I do it all. I’m both mother and father, breadwinner and homemaker, housekeeper and grounds keeper, financier and child minder, planner and maintenance. Here’s my brain map (albeit in the form of a list). It’s tiring just reading it. Single mothers do it ALL.
(In no particular order, because there never is one...)
….ALL of the earned-income work,
….ALL the daily household work, and/or making sure the children’s chores get done,
….ALL the weekly grocery shopping, and all the little extra shopping trips in between,
….ALL the taking care of the household repairs and maintenance,
….ALL the taking of the family car for repairs, maintenance appointments, and oil changes,
….ALL the light repairs and maintenance around the garden – tree trimming, weeding, pruning, tree removal, mowing, etc.
….ALL the driving of the children to their activities – sports, music, dance, etc.,
….ALL the driving of the children to their friends’ houses for play dates,
….ALL the e-mail correspondence regarding scheduling the children’s activities, sports, play dates, etc.
….ALL the attending of curriculum nights, open houses and other school activities,
…ALL the dropping off the children at daycare every morning, or getting them to their bus stop on time,
…ALL the meeting the children off the bus or picking up from daycare every afternoon,
….ALL the asking if the children have any homework, all the reminding them to do it,
….ALL the laundry, or reminding to do laundry; clothes, towels, sheets, sports gear, etc.
….ALL the scheduling of, and transporting to, doctors’ and dentist appointments,
….ALL the filling the family car with gas,
…ALL the washing of the car – whether by herself or taking it to the car wash,
….ALL the filling out of all the start of school paperwork that comes home every year,
….ALL the dinners, whether fixing them, ordering them, or taking the kids out to them,
…ALL the cleaning up after dinner, or making sure it gets done,
….ALL the loading and running the dishwasher every night,
….ALL the making sure that the dishwasher gets loaded and unloaded every day,
….ALL the family banking,
….ALL the paying of the family bills: mortgage, utilities, etc.,
….ALL the running out to rent movies (because she can’t afford to take her family to them),
….ALL the purchasing of birthday presents for the children,
….ALL the organizing of birthday parties,
…ALL the taking the children to buy presents for friends’ parties they are going to,
….ALL of the “Mom, can you play a game with me”s,
….ALL of the scheduling, arranging, organizing of family trips and holidays (if they can be afforded),
….ALL the taking the family pets to the vet,
….ALL the making sure the children go to bed on time,
….ALL the runs to Target/K-Mart for household items that are needed,
….ALL the “helping” the children to take out the garbage and recycling weekly,
….ALL the organizing of babysitters ahead of time when needed,
….ALL the trips to the office store to buy printer cartridges for the family printers,
….ALL of the staying home with the children when they’re sick,
….ALL the feeding of the family pet(s) in the morning and evening, or making sure it’s done so the pets don’t die,
….ALL the making sure that Valentine’s Day chocolates appear on the morning of the day,
….ALL the making sure that the Easter bunny visits,
….ALL the purchasing of Christmas or other holiday presents for the family,
….ALL the purchasing, addressing, stamping, mailing of the family holiday cards,
….ALL the hanging of the household holiday decorations,
….ALL the hanging of the outside holiday lighting,
….ALL the taking down of the household holiday decorations,
….ALL the taking down of the outside holiday lighting,
….ALL the arranging, inviting, organizing and cleaning up of any annual parties or dinners with friends,
….ALL the making sure that the children are appropriately attired and groomed,
….ALL the preparation for the paid hours of her job the next day,
….ALL the comforting of the children if they’re sick,
….ALL the comforting of the children if they’re physically hurt,
….ALL the comforting of the children if they’re emotionally hurt,
….ALL the taxes,
…ALL the other things she’s too tired to think about.
(This list is an excerpt from my new book “Occupy Divorce” – available on Amazon. You can read about the book at www.occupydivorce.com.)


Leslie Jane Seymour - Editor in Chief - Inside the Brain - Where's my $2billion Second Act Idea? REDEFINE MENOPAUSE. I believe it is what More Magazine is trying to do without saying it. Menopause Outlaws mission does this on a one on one basis. How I would love to have the power of More Magazine and call it just that. The definition in Webster's needs to be redefined. LET'S REDEFINE MENOPAUSE. Ms. Seymour, that is your $2 billion Second Act Idea?
Belinda Fraley Huesman

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