Plus-Size Bikinis Hitting the Beaches in Brazil

Bigger bodies mean bigger bathing suits are needed in the sun-loving nation.

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

Quick! Someone order a lot of extra fabric! The bikini is getting a whole lot bigger—even in Brazil, land of tan and taut supermodels like Gisele.

The Associated Press reports that as in much of the rest of the world, measurements are getting larger in Brazil, creating a new need for plus-size beach fashions.

“Honestly, the problem went way beyond just bikinis,” plus-size-beachwear designer Clarice Rebelatto tells the news service. “In Brazil it used to be that if you were even a little chunky, finding any kind of clothes in the right size was a real problem. And I thought, I'm actually not even that big compared to a lot of women out there, so if I have problems, what are they doing?”

Well, actually, we have two words: Spanx tankinis. And an excuse to invest in seriously cute cover-ups.

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First Published January 30, 2012

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