Study: On-Again, Off-Again Relationships Don’t End Well

Couples who break up and make up usually end up calling it splits

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

You break up, you make up, only to break up again ... and get back together. Again. Really, you should probably just let that on-again, off-again relationship go. The odds? It’s not pointing to happily ever after.

Today reports that a new study finds couples caught in “recycled romances” are more apt to call it quits if they move in together and to go through trial separations if they tie the knot.

“Most people have been dumped and can relate to that longing for an ex and the dream of a second chance,” Amber Vennum, the study’s author and a Kansas State assistant professor of family studies and human services, tells the news show. “But in real life, as much as it hurts, maybe there are relationships that are better off left as memories.”

Can we get that printed on a T-shirt or coffee cup or something? We’ve got some friends who would benefit from recycling that advice.

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First Published February 28, 2012

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